7 Reasons to Promote Internal Talent

People are the lifeblood of any AEC and manufacturing business. Investing in them can pay massive rewards for not just your employees but the company too. In a job market where people often feel like they need to switch organizations to make meaningful career progress, finding ways to improve retention should be top of mind. 

When you consistently promote internal talent, so many benefits can come from the ripple effect, including: 

  1. Saving money on recruiting and hiring
  2. Reducing onboarding time
  3. Evaluating good culture and personality fits
  4. Benefiting from the extra time to train
  5. Ensuring consistent performance
  6. Improving long-term retention
  7. Increasing company morale

Keep reading to learn more about these reasons to promote internal talent!

Saving money on recruiting and hiring

The recruiting and hiring process isn’t cheap. You have to pay recruiters’ salaries, pay job board or agency fees, potentially pay for travel and relocation costs, and more. 

The Society of Human Resource Management estimated the average cost of a new hire to be approximately $4,000. If an organization has frequent turnover, that can get expensive! However, when you promote internal talent, you’re filling important roles with people who are already there and require no recruiting, thus reducing those new hire costs.

Reducing onboarding time

Anytime a new person joins a company, there is naturally an adjustment period. They need time to get up to speed on the job details, the best practices for certain tasks, where to go when questions arise, how to handle a crisis, organizational policies, and more. If you promote internal talent, they’ll already have plenty of knowledge from their prior experiences with your organization. 

Evaluating good culture and personality fits

It’s difficult to tell just from a resume and interview whether a candidate will mesh well in the company. When you promote from within, managers get a chance to know the candidates over time, get a sense of their strengths and weaknesses, see how they mesh with the company’s culture, and other factors that can be hard to gauge in external candidates.

Benefiting from the extra time to train

Once you decide that promoting internal talent is a priority for you, it will change your organization’s entire cycle of job creation. Instead of waiting until a role opens and scrambling to fill it, you get to plan ahead. As employees gain experience at the company, stay in communication about their goals and start training them for the next level while they’re still in their current role. By using an e-learning platform like Pinnacle Series, it’s easy to fit training into their schedules.

Ensuring consistent performance

Research indicates that external hires perform worse in their first two years on the job than promoted internal employees. For companies in industries like AEC and manufacturing, a lapse in performance can impact project success and damage reputations with clients. Training employees with promotions in mind will help ensure a smooth transition when you’re ready to promote! 

Improving long-term retention

Taking a longer-term view, your top-performing internal employees tend to stay at the company longer than their external-hire counterparts. This goes to show that when you treat employees well and care about their growth, loyalty is a gift that will keep on giving.

Increasing company morale

Finally, when employees feel like they’re in a stagnant career or just a cog in the company’s machine, their motivation suffers. Happy employees are more productive employees and create a positive work environment for everyone. Having a strong career development program is a great way to show that you support your staff’s professional goals.

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