4 Reasons to Use e-Learning to Learn Revit Software

Learn how online training can help your team master Revit.

If you’re working at an architecture, engineering, or construction organization, chances are you know how essential great training is to improve efficiency, boost employee retention, and increase client satisfaction. (If you don’t, check out all the resources on the importance of training on our blog!).


But it can be a challenge to carve out that time for learning. That’s why we recommend moving your training program to an e-learning solution! 


Here are just a few of the different ways online training will help your team learn Revit software faster and more effectively!


Increased learning retention

When you have online training, your team can complete modules at their own pace and, more importantly, can break up training into smaller segments. Breaking training into manageable bits rather than full-day training seminars helps to improve retention and makes the training time better spent. 


When your team retains the information they learn, they’ll master Revit in no time! 


Save time and money

As mentioned above, all-day training seminars have some drawbacks. Setting up a seminar can be costly, between potentially renting out enough space for your whole team, catering in food and beverages, bringing in external subject matter experts, and lost billable time. 


When you use an online training platform or e-learning system, your employees will be able to carve out a bit of time each day to work on their training modules. It reduces the need for costly seminars. Your team will learn Revit software faster and for less cost when they complete training virtually!



Another key perk and differentiator is the flexibility that an online e-learning solution provides. When your team can look up answers to their questions as they come up, they’ll be more equipped to handle any project questions or roadblocks quickly, effectively, and accurately.


They’ll also be able to work in training throughout the day or week as they have a few minutes of spare time. Being able to complete a module, a video, or read through a document between larger tasks is a more efficient way to help them learn Revit software effectively.


Use assessments as a tool

In traditional training seminars, all attendees are given the same material regardless of their base knowledge. You could be teaching someone who has no prior Revit experience alongside a pro user! 


Instead of having everyone complete the same training, use an assessment tool like Pinnacle Series’ KnowledgeSmart integration to create a baseline for each individual on your team. That way, your e-learning platform can create a customized plan to help each one learn Revit software and fill in their gaps in knowledge.


Use an e-learning platform to help your team learn Revit software

If you’re looking for an e-learning solution to help your team with training, Pinnacle Series offers an enormous selection of training from Revit, BIM, Civil 3D, SOLIDWORKS, and more. Its integration with the KnowledgeSmart assessment tool helps elevate your training even further by identifying skills gaps, and creating targeted training plans for each of your employees.


If you’re interested in giving your team the tools to learn Revit software online, contact Eagle Point Software today or discuss a no-cost pilot program!



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