Take a Look Inside Our Manufacturing Content for National Manufacturing Week!

Dive into our growing libraries of manufacturing resources.

For organizations in the manufacturing space, every week is manufacturing week! And for everyone else, National Manufacturing Week, which kicks off the first Friday in October every year, is a chance to acknowledge and appreciate all the essential work and innovations made possible by manufacturing. 


At Eagle Point Software, we’re proud to support this world-building industry with our vast array of manufacturing training resources featured in our Pinnacle Series learning management system.


Let’s take a tour through the various manufacturing training libraries, software topics, and courses available in Pinnacle Series, and meet the experts behind it all!


Manufacturing software training in Pinnacle Series


Our manufacturing training libraries are designed to equip professionals in the manufacturing industry with the knowledge and skills they need to excel. From simple, efficient video tutorials to in-depth courses, our content libraries have a wide range of resources covering key manufacturing software topics. In particular, our comprehensive CAD software training resources can help your teams streamline product design and production tasks.


A sample of the popular manufacturing software Pinnacle Series covers includes:


  1. AutoCAD: Harness the power of AutoCAD’s latest features and best practices for drafting and designing. Pinnacle Series features comprehensive resources for the original software as well as AutoCAD Electrical, Map 3D, Mechanical, P&ID, and Plant 3D.
  2. SOLIDWORKS: Dive into 3D design and modeling with SOLIDWORKS to enhance product development. Pinnacle Series features resources to help your teams prepare for certification or simply master the basics.
  3. Inventor: Accelerate the 3D mechanical design and simulation process while ensuring that your products are well-engineered and up to quality standards. Our thorough course collection goes from essentials to advanced topics, and nearly 500 tutorial videos will guide users through nearly any task they need to perform.
  4. Fusion360: Create models and prototypes of the products and components your firm manufactures. Courses and tutorial videos cover the software essentials as well as specific content on materials, inspection, simulation, and animation.
  5. Rhino: McNeel’s Rhino provides manufacturing professionals with powerful 3D modeling tools that allow them to create, edit, analyze, document, render, and animate their designs, no matter their complexity or size. In our Rhino training content library, users will find hundreds of videos and unique learning paths on Rhino Fundamentals and Rhino Advanced skills.


You can view our full list of software training offerings here! Whether you’re a small business, a mid-sized company, or an enterprise-level organization, we have Pinnacle Series subscriptions to fit your needs.


How our team develops manufacturing content


All content in Pinnacle Series is developed by a team of experts with years of experience in their industries. They’ve used the software our learning content covers in their own careers and found a passion for teaching it to others along the way. Our team of industry professionals stays informed about the latest updates and evolutions in order to consistently provide the most cutting-edge training through Pinnacle Series.


Neil Lantto is our Manufacturing Industry Manager on the content development team — which means he plans and manages Pinnacle Series content specific to manufacturing products. With a background in engineering, over a decade of drafting/drawing/CAD experience, his understanding of SOLIDWORKS, and additional years of experience with teaching, demoing, and providing technical product support, Neil is passionate and knowledgeable. 


Along with the rest of the content team, Neil works tirelessly to ensure that our manufacturing content is top-notch. They collaborate with subject matter experts, conduct in-depth research, and leverage their own hands-on experience to deliver training materials that make a real impact and are tailored to the evolving needs of the manufacturing industry.


Train your teams with Pinnacle Series


National Manufacturing Week is a time to not only celebrate the achievements of the manufacturing industry but also to invest in professional growth within your organization. Pinnacle Series is your trusted solution for training in the manufacturing industry as well as the broader AEC and manufacturing space.


We’d love to invite you to explore our manufacturing training libraries through a demo or free pilot program of Pinnacle Series. Together, we can continue to drive innovation, excellence, and growth in the world of manufacturing!


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