Tips for Incorporating Content in Pinnacle Series: Proprietary and Third-Party Content

Tips for Incorporating Content in Pinnacle Series: Proprietary and Third-Party Content

Learn How to Make Pinnacle Series Truly Your Own With Custom and Outside Content.

Even though Pinnacle Series comes loaded with expert-created content, robust training libraries, and easy-to-use content sharing features, being able to customize your Pinnacle Series experience for your architecture, engineering, construction, or manufacturing organization was probably one of the major selling points when you were looking for a learning management system.

You may have a few questions about incorporating content in Pinnacle Series that was created by your team or vetted third-party suppliers. We’ve collected some of our best tips and tricks on incorporating your custom content into Pinnacle Series, so your team is ready to tackle your specific training or organization needs.

Let’s take a look at our top tips on incorporating content in Pinnacle Series for your organization’s success:

Set Visibility Parameters for Your Teams

Making sure you set the correct visibility parameters on your content is key; there’s no sense in having your teams flooded with information that’s not relevant to them! Ensuring that your content (especially the niche, tailored, or single-project-use items) is visible only to the correct teams that need that specific information helps streamline processes and reduces the chance of someone looking at the wrong document.  

Setting visibility to only necessary teams can also help improve organization and ease of accessibility to projects, especially if you’re sharing certain workgroups with outside sources or contractors. If you’re looking for more resources on sharing information and work groups, check out this blog.

On the flip side, company standards (which are custom to your organization), industry-specific documents, or even company initiatives for the year are great items to make public to all teams and employees. Having a “single source of truth” for these documents is a great way to ensure accuracy and makes it easy to update as new information becomes available or changes are made.

Involve SMEs From Your Organization

When creating and incorporating content in Pinnacle Series, making sure that the information, training, or documents are accurate and detailed enough to follow is crucial. After all, if the items are outdated, inaccurate, or unhelpful, your teams won’t trust or use them! That’s why making sure your content is top-tier is so essential. 

A good way to make sure you’re incorporating the best material possible is to involve subject matter experts in the creation and distribution of documents. Perhaps that looks like a regular meeting between teams to talk over what content needs have recently come up, what documents need some refreshing, and if any items are outdated or need to be created for a current or future year. 

While your AEC & Manufacturing organization may have a plethora of skilled SMEs, bringing on external or third-party resources can be a good idea as well. They may bring some perspective or skills that help boost your current internal team’s abilities to the next level.

Create Organization Early

Creating organization standards and practices early in your Pinnacle Series subscription is a fantastic way to get ahead of what could be a daunting task later. Organizing your documents, workflows, and custom uploaded content is a great way to help your teams quickly and effectively find the resources they need to help them keep cruising along on their projects.

But what does that organization look like? It can vary depending on your team’s needs, your industry, size of your organization, and more. Perhaps you want to organize it into preloaded content and custom items made internally. Maybe you want to organize by date or year made. The list is endless! Talk with your leadership and employees to get feedback on how they’d like to search for maximum speed and efficiency. 

Talk With Your CSM

Last but not least, talk with your Customer Success Manager about any questions you may have, and even check in with them to get some perspective on what they’ve seen work the best for organizations similar to yours. They have a lot of experience helping AEC & Manufacturing organizations succeed and will be able to bring some ideas or insights as to what may be the best course of action as you’re working on making Pinnacle Series truly yours.

For more questions on incorporating content in Pinnacle Series, check out this blog post.

If you’re not a Pinnacle Series subscriber yet but are interested in a demo or no-cost pilot program, contact our team here


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