VIDEO: What’s New in Pinnacle Lite

Welcome to Peak Experience for Pinnacle Lite, a learning management solution for the Architecture, Engineering, Construction, and Manufacturing industries, where efficiency meets functionality.

Peak Experience offers new user management tools. Start by setting your language preference from a list of over 130 languages, ensuring the platform speaks your language. Next, add a personal touch by uploading a profile picture, making interactions within your team more personal and engaging.

Our new search tool makes everything easier. Simply enter keywords related to the assets you’re looking for—be it workflows, documents, or videos. Watch as Pinnacle Lite fetches relevant results in seconds, and use our advanced filters to narrow down to the most pertinent materials.

In our asset library, use the dynamic filters to refine your search or browse through categories like learning paths, documents, and videos to find exactly what you need. Each category is clearly marked with the number of available assets, making your browsing experience seamless and efficient.

After reviewing the course description, enroll with a simple click and set a due date for completion. Dive right into learning with our interactive course viewer, which includes videos, documents, and quizzes to provide a comprehensive learning experience.

Navigate through different levels of a workflow, explore tasks and steps, and utilize our zoom and pan features to view diagrams in detail. This functionality ensures you understand each part of the process clearly and apply it effectively in your work.

Whether you’re adding a new user, granting administrative rights, or removing access, each action can be performed with just a few clicks. Manage your team’s access efficiently to ensure everyone has the resources they need to succeed.


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