5 Ways Our Customer Success-Driven Approach to E-Learning Makes a Difference

Here are several ways our Customer Success Managers (or CSMs) work to support our Pinnacle Series clients each and every day:

  1. Understanding your needs and goals
  2. Personalizing an implementation plan
  3. Helping you identify additional ways to grow value
  4. Listening to feedback and requests
  5. Growing your use our software to its full potential

Learn more about our customer success mission below.

Understanding your needs and goals

As we were thinking about the kind of AEC e-learning system we wanted to build, we knew we didn’t want a generic solution. Every company has unique communication and learning styles, cultures, day-to-day workflows, visions for their futures, and so on.

When we start working with your organization, our very first step is to get to know you better, and understand your goals and needs in order to form an implementation plan that fits your individual organizational culture. With our Customer Success Team, there is no one size fits all!

The time and dedication shown by our CSM team are what brought customer Davis Partnership Architects back to Pinnacle Series following a COVID-19-related spending freeze and free pilot program.

“If they were willing to give that portion of their time and effort without spending a dime, they know that they have a great product,” explained BIM Manager Ron Rowcotsky.

Personalizing an implementation plan

The way you introduce new software to your teams can make all the difference in how well it’s adopted and used going forward. Our CSMs consider one of our most important steps to be building a solid communication plan. But as our Customer Success Team Lead Amanda Wachendorf says, “it’s not just communicating for the sake of communicating — it’s all based on end users’ needs.” 

Using your organization’s preferred methodologies for introducing change, we’ll personalize an implementation plan and communication strategy that lets users know how Pinnacle Series will benefit them, where to find the information and features they need, how to solve any problems they encounter, and more. 

For Pinnacle Series customer BlueScope Buildings North America, the support from our CSMs was invaluable as they tackled change management, communication, and marketing their new e-learning platform.

“All that stuff that large organizations can sometimes struggle with, they really helped us support those initiatives,” said Jake Ball, Manager of Engineering Development.

Providing ongoing support

Our job isn’t over once we finish implementation. We’re here to support you and ensure your success throughout the lifetime of your Pinnacle Series subscription! We’ll help your organization identify areas of opportunity, manage and communicate organizational initiatives, partner to implement a new software platform or project, establish corporate best practices and house that knowledge inside Pinnacle, and more. “Customer success” isn’t our fancy term for “tech support” — it means that we’re truly dedicated to all aspects of your success.

Listening to feedback and requests

Another distinct advantage of Pinnacle Series is that our software and all our content are developed in-house by our AEC industry experts’ teams. That gives us the flexibility to build new features, develop new training material, and respond quickly to customer needs and wants. Are you preparing to onboard a new software that our e-learning asset libraries don’t cover? Let your CSM know! Is there a feature that would make Pinnacle easier for your users? We’ll pass the suggestion on to our product team! We’re always looking for ways to improve the platform experience, and no one is better qualified to give feedback than our real-life product users!

Helping you use our software’s full potential

Pinnacle Series is much more than an AEC e-learning system. You can customize it to become your organization’s ultimate source of internal knowledge. Upload custom content, edit any of our training resources, customize the platform’s look and feel, designate employees as subject-matter experts to manage specific information categories, and more. We’ll ask you about your custom content needs during our regular check-ins and see if there are any opportunities where Pinnacle could help.

If you’re a current customer, we’d love to hear about your experiences and suggestions for our Customer Success team! If you’re considering Pinnacle Series for your organization, schedule a demo to see our AEC e-learning solution in action. Check out our testimonials page to see what our customers are saying.


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