5 Ways Pinnacle Series Can Help You Get the Most Out of Your AEC Software

Here’s how Pinnacle Series can help you get the most of your AEC software:

  1. Up-to-date expert training
  2. Custom content and editing
  3. Access from anywhere
  4. Live event scheduling
  5. One-on-one support

Let’s explore how these Pinnacle Series features can help maximize efficient AEC software use in your organization!

Up-to-date expert training

At the very core of Pinnacle Series are our robust AEC software training libraries. Our e-learning catalog is filled with thousands of training resources covering dozens of AEC software products. We have courses, training videos, workflows, documents, and other resources, all developed and vetted by professionals who have worked in the architecture, engineering, or construction industries and have first-hand experience using AEC software on the job.

Because the AEC space can evolve so rapidly, it’s equally important to make sure you’re using up-to-date training that gives your teams the most relevant and useful information. The team behind Pinnacle Series is constantly monitoring industry developments and updating or adding new content as needed. You also get the benefits of a cloud-based platform, so each update is delivered to you immediately and is accessible from anywhere.

Custom content and editing

Every organization has its own set of best practices and use cases for the AEC software employees use. With Pinnacle Series, we wanted to ensure our e-learning platform wouldn’t just be a generic one-size-fits-all solution but an adaptable learning platform that companies can customize based on their needs. 

As a Pinnacle Series customer, you have full editing privileges, so you can adapt any of our pre-loaded AEC software training to fit your company standards. Furthermore, you can upload your own training documents, videos, PowerPoints, SCORM courses, and other files to ensure all your internal training is in the same place and covers everything your employees need to know.

Access from anywhere

Whether your employees are working at a job site or traveling to a conference, they can seamlessly fit Pinnacle Series training into the gaps in their days. Our AEC training content is available across devices and can be downloaded for offline access, making it easy to master the software they use every day, even while on the go.

Live event scheduling

Sometimes when you’re introducing a new AEC software, you might want to take a blended learning approach and hold a live event where a trainer can walk employees through key knowledge. Through Pinnacle Series, you can schedule and manage these events, plus upload videos or notes for them to reference after the fact.

One-on-one support

Pinnacle Series offers two types of support. On the company level, we provide mid-sized and enterprise customers with a dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM), who will help you onboard Pinnacle Series and use it to achieve your organizational goals. They’ll help your teams get used to Pinnacle Series, brainstorm ways to increase implementation, answer whatever questions you have, and more, for the entire lifespan of your subscription.

The second type of support comes on an individual user level. If one of your employees is struggling with a course or can’t find an answer to their question, they can click a button to access live support right from their Pinnacle dashboard. We’ll point them in the right direction so they can get back to their work quickly!

If you’re a current Pinnacle Series customer, log in now to explore our training offerings on essential AEC software like the Autodesk lineup of products.

If you’re not a current customer but would like to explore how Pinnacle Series can help your company utilize AEC software at peak efficiency, schedule a demo with us today!


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