How Our E-Learning Solution Can Improve Your Business in 2021

With an e-learning solution like Pinnacle Series, you’ll be able to achieve goals for 2021 such as:

  1. Increasing overall productivity
  2. Keeping your teams connected and informed
  3. Providing employee development opportunities
  4. Improving processes and onboarding procedures

Keep reading to learn more about how our e-learning solution can improve your business as the new year approaches!

Increasing overall productivity

Efficiency and productivity are high on any organization’s to-do list, and there’s almost always room to improve. If you’re still relying on ineffective one-time training seminars to help your employees learn crucial skills, you should know that they’re likely only absorbing a fraction of that information. In 2021, there are better ways to train—ways that enable maximum productivity and better knowledge retention. 

Enter Pinnacle Series, our e-learning solution featuring expert-developed, on-demand training for AEC software and other business skills. With Pinnacle, employees can instantly find high-quality solutions when they need them, instead of wasting time on guesswork, trying to remember last year’s training, or waiting for help. We keep projects moving forward!

Keeping your teams connected and informed

One of the biggest takeaways from 2020 is that modern firms need the ability to keep their offices and teams connected from anywhere. Organizations that already had remote work procedures and technology in place enjoyed a more seamless transition to the year’s new normal. 

Keeping teams connected doesn’t just mean creating Slack channels and email threads: it means providing them with a centralized information repository where they can go to consult important documents, collaborate with coworkers, reference company best practices, and more. Pinnacle Series provides this. With our e-learning solution, you can upload custom content, create private work groups for various members, and give subcontractors restricted access, so everyone on your team has what they need to do their jobs right.

Providing employee development opportunities

Employees return loyalty to companies that care and invest in their success. Creating a culture of learning and dedication to your organization starts by providing employees with the tools and incentives to help them reach the next level of their professional aspirations. 

This is truly a win-win: as employees improve their skills, they’ll be more effective at their jobs and give you opportunities to promote internally. Retaining your top performers is almost always better than going through long hiring and onboarding processes with new candidates. 

Improving processes and onboarding procedures

When your organization does hire new employees, you can streamline their onboarding process by housing all the resources they need in one place. Put your internal onboarding videos and documents into the system so they can quickly get up to speed. Test their current AEC software skills with connected KnowledgeSmart assessments, and automatically generate a personalized Pinnacle learning plan to fill in any skills gaps. 

Plus, you can use the information you gain from Pinnacle to fine-tune other business processes. Monitor employees’ overall Pinnacle usage and learning progress to see what is and isn’t working. Designate subject matter experts to curate and manage knowledge on specific topics. Consult our reporting tools to identify opportunities to help employees grow or tweak how a process works. Pinnacle’s administrator reporting features give you the tools and information you need to make sure your team is heading in the right direction.

Visit our testimonials page to learn about the companies that have already used Pinnacle to take their business to the next level. Then, schedule a demo to see firsthand what our e-learning system can do for you in the new year!


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