When Efficiency Matters
When Efficiency Matters

6 Ways to Customize Our E-Learning System

Every AEC organization has unique goals for the future and different plans to reach them. That's why with Pinnacle Series, we wanted to make a robust, customizable knowledge management system to fit your unique needs. Keep reading to learn five different ways you can customize our e-learning system.

Check out these five ways to customize our e-learning system:

  1. Manage the look and feel of the interface
  2. Edit any of our pre-loaded training content
  3. Upload your own internal materials
  4. Assign personalized learning
  5. Designate employees as subject-matter experts
  6. Schedule live training events

Below, learn more about each of these ways to customize our e-learning system.

Manage the look and feel of the interface

You can set up Pinnacle Series to reflect your organization’s branding so that your employees are greeted by a familiar aesthetic when they log in. Add your logo, adjust fonts and colors, display corporate news, and ultimately make it feel like a natural part of your team’s workflows instead of a third-party program.

Edit any of our pre-loaded training content

Where Pinnacle Series truly shines is our expert-developed AEC software training content. Our libraries feature thousands of courses, quizzes, videos, workflows, documents, and cheat-sheets to guide users to the answers they need and level up their knowledge in the long term. However, we know that best practices and requirements can vary between organizations. That’s why we’ve built in the capability for you to adapt our content to fit your specific standards!

Upload your own internal materials

Our custom content features don’t stop at editing. You can use Pinnacle Series as a full information repository for your organization’s internal documents, training videos, and other resources. You can also set up Work Groups for team- or project-specific materials, so everyone has easy access to the information they need in one place.

Assign personalized learning

Just as no two organizations are the same, no two employees are either. They each come with their own set of knowledge, skills, and experience. With this in mind, we’ve made it easy to customize their learning. Staff can take software knowledge assessments through our partner KnowledgeSmart and use their results to generate personalized learning paths. This way, they can efficiently identify and fill in any skills gaps while skipping over the lessons they’ve already mastered.

Designate employees as subject-matter experts

Do you have employees who are natural helpers and are knowledgeable about a specific topic? Set them up as an “internal expert” for the subject in which they specialize. Experts can add and approve new content in Pinnacle Series for their topic of expertise and serve as a resource to other employees who have further questions. 

Schedule live training events

Live events can play an important role in a comprehensive learning culture. Take a blended approach to your employees’ training and development by incorporating live events into the Pinnacle Series platform. You can schedule, manage, and track live events right from the Pinnacle platform, so all your training needs are easily administered in one place.

Current customers can log into Pinnacle Series now to start experimenting with these ways to customize our e-learning system! If you’re not a current customer, schedule a demo today to see how you can make Pinnacle Series your own and use it to achieve your organization’s goals.


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