5 Ways to Improve Client Satisfaction with Pinnacle Series

Here are five ways Pinnacle Series can improve your client satisfaction:

  1. Increases team expertise
  2. Reduces project errors
  3. Speeds up delivery timelines
  4. Improves aesthetics and usability
  5. Enables quick support and solutions

Let’s discover how our AEC e-learning system translates into these client benefits!

Increases team expertise

Every client wants the confidence that they’re working with the best people for the job. Bring your team to the next level by giving your employees access to high-quality AEC software training! With the help of our expert-developed courses, videos, and workflows, employees can brush up their skills and learn about the latest updates in programs like BIM 360, Civil 3D, Revit, the entire Autodesk product suite, and other critical job topics. Check out our full content library list on the Pinnacle Series product page.

Reduces project errors

Errors in work often happen when someone is rushing through a job or doesn’t have the skills needed for a particular project. They might not have the time to hunt down an answer to confirm that they’re using the right process or are working with up-to-date information. 

Pinnacle Series attacks this problem from both ends. First, we regularly update our AEC courses and learning paths to ensure that your employees’ most important skills are always cutting-edge and kept up to date with comprehensive training. Second, we don’t just have long-form training content — we also break down training into bite-sized videos and easy-to-read documents. Users can get answers within minutes, learn how to accomplish a task correctly, and get on with their work.

Speeds up timelines

Rushing through projects too fast isn’t great. But efficiently accomplishing projects because you’re equipped with the knowledge and tools you need to do it? That’s an entirely different story. Our goal with Pinnacle Series is to make life easier for AEC firms by streamlining workflows from start to finish. Cut out the wasted time so your teams can focus on the tasks that matter and finish in a timely manner. This can also translate to lower labor costs — and you know clients are always pleased when they can stay under budget!

Improves aesthetics and usability

No matter what your AEC firm specializes in, the work you do has a real impact on the world. Pinnacle Series trains your employees in the software they need to make these projects look amazing and perform as they should. In the end, your clients will receive deliverables that are visually impressive and ready to be translated from software to real life.

Enables quick support and solutions

Each client has a certain vision of how they’d like things to be, and often projects involve a lot of back-and-forth between your team and theirs. With Pinnacle Series, you can quickly find the information you need to answer questions and brainstorm solutions for the client. Optionally, you can even add their team members as external users to join collaborations inside a Pinnacle Series work group so that they can be directly involved in the process. 

Interested in transforming what client satisfaction looks like for your AEC organization? We’d love to schedule a demo of our AEC e-learning system and show you how Pinnacle Series can help you go above and beyond for your clients too.

If you’re already a Pinnacle Series customer, log in now to start taking advantage of our AEC e-learning system’s features that can help improve your clients’ satisfaction!


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