6 Ways to Use Pinnacle Series Outside of Learning

If you use Pinnacle Series at your organization (or are considering it), you were probably first drawn to it for the extensive architecture, engineering, construction, and manufacturing software training it provides. And that’s for a good reason: e-learning is at the heart of everything we do!

But Pinnacle Series is also much more than a place for your staff to take courses and improve their AEC & M software skills. By leveraging other key features, you can transform Pinnacle Series into your company’s ultimate hub for knowledge and collaboration.

Here are some of the top ways you can use Pinnacle Series outside of our built-in e-learning:
1. Share custom content
2. Enable productive interaction
3. Take notes
4. Collaborate in work groups
5. Organize live events
6. Easily onboard new hires

Ready to learn about some of these excellent (and often underutilized) features in Pinnacle Series? Let’s dive in!

Share custom content

All the software training content that comes pre-loaded in Pinnacle Series is developed by our team of AEC & M experts. But your organization has its own experts with a wealth of knowledge to share themselves! Turn Pinnacle Series into your own knowledge management system by adding your organization’s important documents, training videos, standards, and resources right into the system. Appoint subject-matter experts among your employees who can do the same!

Learn about how to maximize the custom content integration in Pinnacle Series.


Enable productive interaction

With remote work on the rise, it’s not always possible to pop over to a workmate’s desk to ask a question or gather around the water cooler. We’ve built social features into Pinnacle Series that make it easy for users to interact with each other. Specifically, they can like, comment, or internally share any type of content.

For instance, when a custom content document is shared, readers might comment with a “I had a question about X” or “I’d suggest adding Y.” This can help your stored knowledge slowly expand and improve over time as the flow of ideas is always open.


Take notes

While only some users will have the power to approve or share public content, all users have a “My Documents” feature for their own notes and brainstorming sessions. If at some point they feel ready to share their documents, they can ask the relevant subject-matter expert to vet and publish them.


Collaborate in work groups

The ability to easily and efficiently collaborate is what separates successful, efficient teams from struggling ones. Pinnacle Series provides spaces for project management called Work Groups. Pinnacle Series users and external users (like subcontractors) can join together to collaborate on specific projects. They can store all relevant resources in one place, have discussions, and work to achieve their goals together.


Organize live events

Do you ever host company-wide live events, whether they’re expert-led training sessions or lunch and learns? Pinnacle Series has a Live Events feature that makes it easy to plan and coordinate these, with a calendar all employees can view to keep track of virtual or in-person events.


Easily onboard new hires

When a new employee joins your company, there are a lot of new things they have to learn. Pinnacle Series makes onboarding a breeze! You can collect all relevant onboarding materials in one place, assess employees on their current knowledge, and more. Learn about how Pinnacle Series makes onboarding easier here.

Interested in exploring how you can use Pinnacle Series for e-learning and so much more? Schedule a demo or pilot with the Eagle Point team today!

If you’re already a subscriber, log in now to check out these helpful collaboration features, or ask your Customer Success Manager if you’d like to learn more about them.


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