What Happens in a Pinnacle Series Pilot Program?

Learn what to expect from a pilot of our industry-leading learning management system.

Switching to a new learning management system is a significant step for any organization. It’s wise to thoroughly research and test the LMS before committing to ensure it meets your needs. That’s why we offer a pilot program of Pinnacle Series, our leading learning and productivity platform tailored for the architecture, engineering, construction, and manufacturing industries, which allows prospective customers to explore the platform’s capabilities firsthand. 


The Pinnacle Series pilot program serves as a small-scale preliminary trial designed to help you evaluate product functionality, content quality, user adoption rates, and overall platform performance. The primary goal is to ensure that the full-scale implementation of Pinnacle Series will align seamlessly with your organization’s objectives. 


In this post, we’ll share what to expect when you sign up for the Pinnacle Series pilot program. Here are eight actionable steps your organization will take during this process:

  1. Sign up for the Pinnacle Series pilot
  2. Assemble your pilot project team
  3. Have an internal planning discussion
  4. Meet with the Eagle Point team
  5. Develop specific goals and objectives
  6. Kick off the pilot and communicate expectations
  7. Experiment with Pinnacle Series’ features and resources
  8. Collect feedback and decide next steps


Let’s learn more about what’s involved in each step of the Pinnacle Series pilot program and some tips for making the most of your experience.


Step 1: Sign up for the Pinnacle Series pilot program


This journey starts with a single step — and that’s reaching out to Eagle Point Software to express your interest in the pilot program and initiate the process! We’ll collect some initial information about your organization and what you’re looking for. This will help us tailor the experience to your needs and guide you through the rest of the process more effectively.


Step 2: Assemble your pilot project team


Teamwork is critical to a successful pilot experience. You’ll be collaborating with our team during the process, but first, you’ll need to build a competent pilot project team of your own. These will be the people responsible for testing the product as administrators and users. Each person will contribute to different aspects of the pilot, from communicating with leadership to authoring and managing content to testing platform features. We’ll provide specific guidance on which roles will be most useful, e.g., implementation project manager or administrator of the platform, technical administrator, content manager, and standard users.


Step 3: Have an internal planning discussion


Next, it’s important for everyone on your team to understand what will be involved and what you want to accomplish during the pilot. Set aside a time for your team to engage in a thoughtful internal planning discussion. This is a time to identify existing pain points, determine the scope of the pilot, and build a schedule. Address questions related to goals, preferred communication methods, meeting cadence, and time commitments. We’ll also provide a list of example questions for you to discuss, like “What must be true to deem this a successful pilot?”


Step 4: Develop specific goals and objectives


Either during the initial discussion or at a separate meeting, you’ll need to define the focal points of the pilot program. A Pinnacle Series pilot program can cater to a wide range of goals. Whether it’s vetting content quality, testing user adoption rates, or exploring integration capabilities, articulate specific objectives that align with your organizational priorities. 


Step 5: Meet with the Eagle Point team


Once you have a clear understanding of roles and goals on your end, it will be time to loop us in! Throughout the pilot, Eagle Point Software provides a dedicated team to guide your organization, composed of specialists like a business development manager, customer success team members, and technical experts. We’ll set up a time for your team to connect with ours. This meeting is a chance to establish rapport, share insights into your organization’s needs, and understand how the Eagle Point team can support your objectives.


Step 6: Kick off the pilot and communicate expectations


As you officially kick off the pilot, make sure you have a solid communication strategy. Loop in any participants who haven’t been involved in the meetings and ensure they understand their responsibilities. Send welcome emails, update meeting agendas, share Pinnacle Series tutorials, assign learning materials, and follow up with regular emails. This sets the stage for a coordinated and informed approach to the pilot program.


Step 7: Experiment with the system’s features and resources


It’s time for your team to delve into the capabilities of the Pinnacle Series platform in earnest now. Encourage users to explore the available features, access our asset library filled with architecture, engineering, construction, and manufacturing training resources, engage in learning activities that support your pilot goals, and customize the platform content and branding. Our technical specialists will be on hand to assist with anything you need.


Step 8: Collect feedback and decide next steps


As the pilot progresses, gather feedback from your participants. This invaluable input offers insights into user experiences, challenges, and successes. Evaluate the feedback alongside your established goals to determine the effectiveness of the pilot. On our end, we’ll schedule a few meetings to touch base during the pilot period and one at the end to follow up on your experience. From there, it’s up to you to decide if Pinnacle Series is the right solution for your organization going forward.


Through collaboration, clear objective-setting, and informed experimentation during this process, you’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of how Pinnacle Series can transform learning and productivity at your organization. 


Learn more about the Pinnacle Series pilot program and start your journey today by contacting us today! 


Not quite ready to request a pilot program, but still interested in learning more? Learn more about the difference Pinnacle Series can make at your organization in our customer case studies.


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