When Efficiency Matters
When Efficiency Matters
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American Structurepoint Inc Case Study


American Structurepoint is an engineering and architecture consulting firm established in 1966. Over the years, they have developed a national and international reputation for their work in a variety of disciplines and markets throughout the built environment. Their staff of 400 professionals goes full throttle to deliver excellence with every project. They specialize in delivering innovation and vision from concept to completion with an approach that is hands-on, fueled by open communication and collaboration with clients.

The Challenge

The first step in the process was evaluating their needs in a solution and identifying certain struggles they wished to overcome. Their demand for training was a major focus in their search. They needed a platform that provided learning opportunities for newly hired staff as well as advancing the knowledge of current staff members. Considering they currently operate 13 satellite offices outside of their headquarters, the training opportunities needed to be consistent across the board as their company continues to expand.

“We came to a point where we realized that it wasn’t sustainable to send staff out of state for training where the end results were inconsistent from training to training,” said Melanie Bucher, Senior Human Resources Representative.

Additionally, they needed a way to document and organize their training materials and knowledgebase. The ability to document and distribute materials and messaging on doing things the “Structurepoint Way” was another focus in their search.

The Solution

They were on the hunt for a platform that could do it all and serve as a “one-stop shop” for their production and training needs. With a focus on learning, it was also important for their staff to remain productive with their technology - such as AutoCAD and Revit.

“Our learning needs were a bit different than others. We wanted to focus on expert-led training rather than educator-led. We want to learn from people who have been in the software and understand the work,” said Mike Steffy, Applications Manager.

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American Structurepoint was first introduced to Pinnacle Series shortly after a trip to Autodesk University. After seeing the capabilities of the platform, they realized the Pinnacle Series could address all of their current pain points.

The decision process was not an easy one. American Structurepoint went through several demonstrations and pilots of different solutions. Ultimately, they chose the Pinnacle Series because of the management functionality, administrative tools, ease of use, implementation and Customer Success.

The Implementation

Changing the habits of current staff was not going to be an easy thing to do. Rather than rolling out Pinnacle Series to the entire company at once, they opted for a group-by-group implementation. Focusing on rollout to production groups first allowed power users to get started with the platform before rolling it out to the rest of the company.

The key to successfully implementing the Pinnacle Series platform and organizational habit change was the Eagle Point Customer Success Team.

“Our Customer Success Manager (CSM) has been awesome to work with,’ says Bucher.

The CSM has helped American Structurepoint stay on track from an administrative end with regular check-ins on their rollout progress, their custom content needs and inquiring about feedback to improve the overall platform experience.

Driving the usage of Pinnacle Series is the main focus of the Customer Success Team. The CSM for American Structurepoint worked closely with the organization to work on their goals and establish a plan specifically to fit their needs and drive usage in their company. The continued communication has helped increase usage and ROI.

The Results

Since implementing the Pinnacle Series, American Structurepoint has seen improvements in the orientation process for new hires. It provides them with the ability to easily access Autodesk and Bluebeam training and provide consistent messaging across all of their 14 locations. Accessing training content is now easy for them because it lives in one, easy-to-access platform. Users are able to learn on their own time to improve their skills which has improved their training and development program.

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American Structurepoint currently has over 300 active users out of a total 425 staff members. Having a fully rolled out platform, the Pinnacle Series has become a regular part of everyday life at American Structurepoint.

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