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Associated offers clients in Canada and worldwide a range of consulting services, including planning, project management, asset management, engineering, environmental science, and landscape architecture. Associated has been recognized as one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies, and regularly receives awards for its work on planning, studies, assessments, design, construction, training, and operational assistance for both public and private sector clients.

The Challenge

While building a network of nearly two dozen offices across the country is a lofty achievement, it does not come without growing pains. Associated Engineering’s staff is distributed across Canada, spanning four time zones and with its two farthest offices set nearly 3,300 miles (5,310 km) apart.

Even more varied than employee work locations are the skill sets they possess.

“What we wanted to do was start to establish a benchmark skill set for our various design solutions, so that we can have confidence in knowing what we’re delivering, regardless of which office is producing it, we’re getting consistent results,” explained Moore.

Some employees had previously sought out training from local resources or training centers, which failed to provide in-context learning and left the firm with employee skill sets that varied by location.

The Search

When Associated Engineering set out to find a learning management system, the leadership team created a list of requirements that would make or break a prospective solution.

Among these was the ability for employees to access the system from anywhere without a VPN. Associated was also interested in a solution that came pre-loaded with content to support its drawing production needs.

Other items on Associated’s wish list were the ability to gauge usage and other reporting statistics from the platform, host its own content, and appeal to more than 1,000 employees, each with a unique preferred learning style. 

Team members’ willingness to adopt a new technology also played into Associated’s search for a learning management system.

“Obviously, different people have different learning styles… so we weren’t really sure how the adoption rate was going to be moving to a virtual, visual learning platform,” said Moore. “That was our big concern – if we build it, will they come and use it?”

The Solution

With Pinnacle Series, Associated Engineering introduced e-learning across its offices quickly – and without the additional burden of sourcing or developing training materials that would’ve been necessary had they created their own platform.

“If we hadn’t gone with Pinnacle, I think we would’ve been faced with a significant investment in effort and development requirements to achieve what we were able to achieve quickly through the Pinnacle platform,” said Moore. “Those were really the big advantages – that it was professional content, it was readily available to anyone from anywhere, and we were able to get it up and running very quickly.”


Associated implemented Pinnacle Series along with KnowledgeSmart, a program that allows employees to take assessments and then receive training materials in Pinnacle related to topics where their skills could use some improvement.

“These two platforms, in cooperation with one another, have allowed us to develop a really robust skills evaluation program for our organization,” Moore added.

The Results

“Through Pinnacle, we’re able to point them to these learning paths, and they can work through it without taking somebody out of production to sit with and orient them,” said Moore. “Instead of being half a day, it’s a few minutes of follow up after a new hire goes through the learning orientation.”

As for Associated’s initial concern about employee buy-in, Pinnacle has won over even the most skeptical staff members with it’s easy-to-find, on-demand content.

“To be able to find a two-minute video on specifically what you’re looking for has been really beneficial,” said Moore. “The fact that Eagle Point has invested quite a bit of effort into optimizing the search has really proven to be a valuable asset for those staff who weren’t sure at first, but have now come around and started to use Pinnacle more and more.”


Moore concluded, “That’s valuable insight knowing that the material was made available and was actually consumed by the staff, which helps us develop robust programs with the confidence that it’s going to be used and leveraged.”

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