When Efficiency Matters
When Efficiency Matters
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Mazzetti Inc Case Study


Being the Design Technology Manager for an MEP firm with over 200 employees in 10 locations across the US can pose a huge challenge for Tracy Matteson. Working in the healthcare sector, the corporate focus of Mazzetti has primarily been design and technology planning for hospitals. Recently, Mazzetti had taken on a new focus, high energy analysis. And with that change comes an increased workload.

The Challenge

When Mr. Matteson joined Mazzetti in 2014, the company was in the process of assessing the employees’ skill set and knowledge of the Autodesk software required for production. What they found was that there were areas where they were lacking in knowledge and knew there were areas where they needed to provide more training.

From there it became a question of how do they effectively apply the training to these areas as targeted training. As Mr. Matteson explains, “If you send 5 people to a training class, a lot of times you get 3 out of the 5 who know all of the stuff that they are teaching the first 2 days and it’s a waste of their time. We really understood the need to have targeted training and that we weren’t reinventing the wheel all the time. We really didn’t understand the best way to apply that until we had started looking at Pinnacle Series.”

The Solution

Mr. Matteson had been introduced to Pinnacle Series at his previous job and was interested in deploying it at that company but didn’t get the chance. “I was thrilled when I came to Mazzetti that this was a viable option that we could pursue because I knew it was going to be a very good way to get a return on our investment and make sure that people had access to all the training that they need.”

After coordinating a test group and using Pinnacle Series, Mr. Matteson quickly came to the conclusion that this was the solution Mazzetti needed, given the difficulty of having so many people remote and across different offices. This is particularly true when it comes time to the yearly updates of their Autodesk software.

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“The yearly software releases from Autodesk had become a serious challenge. We had started some Youtube-style training classes and getting multiple people from different disciplines within the office to train on their process. However, we didn’t really have an answer for the deluge of new software features continuously coming out.” explains Mr. Matteson.

He continues that “there’s a lot of pressure for all of us in the industry to utilize solutions like Bluebeam and Navisworks. It would take a team of 3-4 people working full-time to meet the training requirements of a company the size of Mazzetti, doing so many types of work in energy analysis, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, and Planning, and doing them effectively.” To him, going with Pinnacle Series was a no brainer in so many ways.

The Implementation

Also a no brainer for them was the implementation process. “Thankfully the implementation was pretty easy,” says Mr. Matteson. Initially Mazzetti deployed Pinnacle Series to any machine using Autodesk software. When they realized there was content for products outside Autodesk, like Bluebeam and Microsoft, they deployed it company-wide so every user had access. They also began putting custom content within Pinnacle Series, including office meetings, lunch-n-learn seminars and training seminars.

The key at Mazzetti is to have everyone using Pinnacle Series. According to Mr. Matteson, “Every opportunity we can, we are continuously trying to find ways of driving the traffic to Pinnacle Series.”

A big way they drive utilization is through their support process. The rule at Mazzetti is that anytime a support request comes in and that lesson is in Pinnacle Series, Mr. Matteson’s department sends the requester a link to the content in Pinnacle Series. This could be standard content in Pinnacle Series or custom content employees at Mazzetti created. The requester would review the content and then respond if they had questions afterward.

The Results

Because of this process, Mr. Matteson says that “the bottlenecks in support have been reduced” and he has seen a decrease of 90% in employees who require followup assistance. He explains that without Pinnacle Series, Mazzetti would not have enough staff to be able to handle the support requests. “It would require additional employees for us to be able to support people on the same level as we are today.” As an added benefit, Mr. Matteson has been able to gain an extra 2-4 hours per day, which allows him to work on higher-end initiatives.

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He explains that employees are increasing production levels as well. “We are able to move our level of detail up in the Revit world by having this training available. As a new project begins, it’s not just created in the same way it always has been. We’re able to increase our training and our knowledge base enough so that the higher end functions of the software are able to be utilized.”

The benefits of Pinnacle Series extend to new employees as well Mr. Matteson explains. “It doesn’t take as much effort to get a new employee up to speed because we can have them use Pinnacle Series to go through the introduction to Mazzetti and have them understand how their systems work a lot faster than before.”

To Mazzetti and Mr. Matteson, Pinnacle Series has become the “single source of truth” for employees. “It’s our one-stop shop for any kind of training or anything else. We come up with as many reasons as we can to centralize. Even our Mazzetti intranet links to the training, cheat sheet and workflow content in Pinnacle Series. All of our content points to a single place – and that’s Pinnacle Series.”

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