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p2s_logo Designing a better future, every day. P2S, Inc. has brought forward-thinking, sustainable engineering solutions to California and beyond for 27 years. They take client dreams and make them reality with inventive, sustainable solutions fueled by the desire to make the future a better place. P2S believes that cutting-edge, responsible design is more than cost savings and efficiency, it’s the promise of a brighter, greener future that begins today.

P2S Cx services decrease utility costs, reduce resource consumption, and diminish a facility’s environmental impact. They help clients create environments that will be safe, reliable, and energy-efficient well into the future. The Cx division closely collaborates with P2S MEPT engineers and designers, to offer a full suite of commissioning services to clients in every industry.

The Challenge

P2S is a technology driven company that aims to fully integrate all design aspects that contribute to high-quality projects throughout their life-cycle. The company was looking for software that would help ease the flow of information and be an intuitive platform; easily accessible to every engineer and designer. P2S also sought a tool that assists with new hire onboarding with customized learning tailored to the programs that staff used daily. The ideal solution would feature a centralized, user-friendly and searchable knowledgebase that also included custom P2S company standards, workflows, and troubleshooting documents for all employees.

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“Knowledgebase and training services are very important tools that help to develop our staff and raise overall project performance. The challenge for us was to find the right tool for P2S. We wanted more content, a faster flow of information and the ability for users to share their knowledge with each other.

We did a lot of research on the available solutions out there. Before renewing with our current software provider, we discovered that the Pinnacle Series platform had all the qualities we were looking for and could meet our goals more effectively,” says Dickinson

The Solution

As P2S prepared to renew their learning platform contract in 2016, Ortiz took a phone call that changed his perspective on the company’s needs.

“After speaking with Eagle Point, I immediately knew that the Pinnacle Series could solve more than just our training issues. In the wake of witnessing the capabilities of the Pinnacle Series, I realized that P2S required much more than just a training tool. We also needed a consolidated knowledgebase to store and share our custom P2S content,” said Ortiz.

The Pinnacle Series offered P2S the opportunity to consolidate their multiple knowledgebases into one platform while helping share that knowledge with staff and new hires. In addition to onboarding and company standard distribution, it allowed them to dial in on specific Revit and other Autodesk processes that were important to their organization.

The Results

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As they strive to integrate the Pinnacle Series into their everyday work lives, P2S continues to reap the benefits of having an aggregated centralized knowledge base and a training platform.

“We have seen improvements in our ROI and productivity in the forms of time and cost savings. The main objectives we were looking for were improving office onboarding and customization to fit P2S standards and the Pinnacle Series has turned both components into success. We have produced a large amount of P2S content that is easily distributed to the office and easily accessible to all of our users,” says Dickinson.

“The Pinnacle Series has decreased our time spent on troubleshooting technical issues by providing a platform to store and share our custom P2S learning paths and quick reference sheets,” says Ortiz, “In return, our productivity has increased due to our BIM experts having more time to focus on their projects instead of assisting others. We now direct all redundant technical issues or questions to Pinnacle for faster resolutions.”

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