When Efficiency Matters
When Efficiency Matters

Construction Software Training for Mid-Sized Companies

Meet Pinnacle Series, an industry-leading e-learning platform created specifically for companies in the construction space. Our team of experts developed this solution to offer high-quality construction software training, encompassing Autodesk Construction Cloud training, AutoCAD training, Revit training, BIM 360 training, and more. Promote employee professional advancement, maximize your organization’s efficiency, and gain access to user-friendly continuous learning.

Looking For Training On?

BIM 360

We provide a full range of training in all aspects of BIM 360, including BIM 360 Build, Coordinate, Design, Docs, Plan, and Management. Our BIM 360 training includes 24 learning paths, consisting of 6 courses, 25 workflows, and 130+ documents and videos.


PlanGrid is a powerful construction productivity tool for both field and office use. Our training program guides users through each feature of the platform. We offer a learning path, consisting of 12 courses, two workflows, and 35+ videos on topics ranging from adding progress photos to customizing task stamps.


Assemble Systems optimizes design reviews, takeoffs, estimating, value engineering, along with change and schedule management. Our training program guides users through model conditioning and connecting BIM data to workflows. We provide a learning path, consisting of 10 courses, 10 workflows, and 60+ videos and documents on all aspects of Assemble Systems.


BuildingConnected is a preconstruction solution that streamlines the bid and risk management process. Our training program provides a learning path, consisting five courses, two workflows, and 10+ videos to help you leverage this tool to its fullest potential.

And, Over 30+ Additional Software Packages Covered

Top Solutions To Your Challenges


Our company has digital transformation initiatives underway and needs help getting our staff up to speed on lots of technologies.


The construction industry is evolving quickly, and technology is integral in the new developments. Pinnacle Series features thousands of learning assets covering dozens of software products in the AEC space, so your staff can learn what they need to know from the professionals. Subscribe to all our libraries or choose only the technologies you’re onboarding.


With remote work becoming more common, our staff needs a place to get quick answers when they're stuck instead of chatting with a neighbor.


Pinnacle Series has searchable on-demand training options designed to deliver quick answers. Short how-to videos, tips and tricks, and workflows guide staff through any software tasks they’re struggling with during a project. Fewer interruptions to ask questions translates to a more productive workforce.


We don't have a centralized area where our team can access important information such as best practices, lessons learned, workflows, and standard operating procedures.


Use Pinnacle Series as your central repository for all internal knowledge. Upload your own content, create work groups for teams and projects, adapt our content to fit your best practices, and more.


We want to create a learning culture that empowers employees on their career path.


Easily personalize learning initiatives for each employee. Via our KnowledgeSmart partnership, staff can take online skills assessments on a wide range of design, engineering, and construction software tools. The results will generate a custom learning plan that employees can follow as they pursue their professional development goals.

Top Pinnacle Series features

Eagle Point Software offers construction software training for Inventor, Fusion 360, and more.

Relevant Training for the Latest Industry Trends

Our construction software training is created by industry professionals skilled in the latest trends and developments to provide high-quality, up-to-date learning opportunities for your team. Pinnacle’s comprehensive content libraries train for a wide range of AEC software using a mix of video training, written content, quizzes, structured Learning Paths with courses, live training events, and more.

Quick User Adoption

Instead of looking to a search engine like Google, users can go directly to their Pinnacle dashboard when they need answers during a project. The platform is easily navigable, and users can create their own documents to keep notes and solutions in one place. When you add our Related Learning plugin directly to Autodesk products, it can recommend training based on the commands the user is running.

Eagle Point Software offers construction software training for Inventor, Fusion 360, and more.
Eagle Point Software offers construction software training for Inventor, Fusion 360, and more.

Progress Reporting

Get a sense of where employees are with their learning and which Pinnacle Series features and content they’re using most. To help drive quick user adoption, administrators can give assignments with due dates for staff to complete courses or Learning Paths.

Dedicated Customer Success Manager

Every mid-market and enterprise account receives access to a dedicated customer success manager (CSM) to support your company’s needs. When you have a question or issue implementing our software, you don’t have to bounce around with tech support emails—you come directly to your CSM. Available for conversations about anything from your organizational goals to increasing learner engagement and much more, your CSM will help you leverage Pinnacle Series to its fullest potential.

Eagle Point Software offers construction software training for Inventor, Fusion 360, and more.

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Our user-friendly AEC e-learning system features expert-developed training for dozens of software applications and topics. Organizations can customize content to fit company standards, upload documentation and training videos, monitor employee progress, and so much more.

Created for and by AEC professionals, we think you’ll love everything Pinnacle Series has to offer. Schedule a demonstration or start your pilot today to see our e-learning system in action.

Eagle Point Software offers architecture software training for Revit, AutoCAD, and more.

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