Why Us

At Eagle Point Software, we empower leaders in architecture, engineering, construction, product design, and manufacturing to transform their businesses by implementing learning and development best practices. We aim to help organizations create positive learning experiences to increase efficiencies and support employee growth.

We help clients unlock their teams’ potential with the knowledge to do their jobs better.

We prioritize the success of our clients and go above and beyond to ensure they have the power to create a differentiating factor that sets them apart. That power is an upskilled, knowledgeable workforce. 

The Eagle Point Software Advantage

Dedication to customer success

We care about helping you maximize the benefits of Pinnacle Series so much that we assign every mid-market and enterprise company a dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM). Our Customer Success team is the largest in our company, demonstrating a profound commitment to our partnership. We’ll be your advocate and supporter as you implement and utilize the Pinnacle Series learning management system.

Industry Experience

Our team includes seasoned architects, engineers, construction, and manufacturing professionals who understand the challenges your teams face and are deeply familiar with the tools of the trade. The result? High-quality and relevant content your team can leverage to become more efficient and productive.

Our Purpose

At Eagle Point Software, we help clients transform their business through an industry-specific and personalized learning experience.

Our Promise

When you choose Eagle Point Software as your architecture, engineering, construction, or manufacturing learning partner, we promise our solutions and our team will deliver reliable answers to your technical questions in real-time.

Our Core Values

We are guided by our core values:
Be Honest | Act With Integrity
Work Hard | Have Fun
Take Ownership | Do the Right Thing
Help Others

The Eagle Point Team

The Eagle Point Software team is comprised of passionate problem solvers who put their expertise to work every day to help your business achieve its learning, knowledge sharing, collaboration, and productivity goals.


At Eagle Point Software, your organization’s success is our main priority. By building a strong relationship with your team, we’re able to offer customized learning solutions and meaningful, effective support for the entire lifespan of your subscription. We’re here to help you overcome the challenges you’re facing today and pave the way for a successful future.

Pinnacle Series

The Pinnacle Series learning management system is the only learning platform designed specifically for the architecture, engineering, construction, and manufacturing spaces. It stands apart from other learning solutions with industry expert-created content, on-demand answers, and knowledge-sharing tools to help your teams collaborate more effectively.

Change The Way You Learn

We inspire organizations to embrace their learning and development challenges and proactively address them. Traditional learning approaches have become obsolete and ineffective. It’s time to change your approach to learning. While formal classes have their place, genuine learning happens every day. Relying solely on internet searches and standard learning management systems won’t suffice.

A modern-day AEC and manufacturing workforce needs a reliable, trusted, specialized place to get answers to their questions when they need it most. Which is now.

With Pinnacle Series, learning is done in-project, in real-time. Learning isn't an afterthought with Pinnacle Series — it is continuous, it is trusted, it is personalized.

The impact of not changing is too great of a risk — missed projects, reduction of billable hours, increased time to market, health, safety, and environmental risks, and the inability to hire and retain top talent.