When Efficiency Matters
When Efficiency Matters

Multidiscipline AEC Software Training for Your Company

Large multidiscipline AEC companies use many software types, so they need a training platform that can keep up. Pinnacle Series is a smart e-learning system built by our industry experts to fulfill this need. Within our comprehensive content libraries, you’ll find Revit training, Civil 3D training, Sketchup training, BIM 360 training, AutoCAD training, Lumion software training, and more. Learn how our solution can improve your organization’s efficiency, knowledge sharing, employee development, and more.

Just a few of Our Multidiscipline Clients



Our Revit software training will help you master this Autodesk product. Our training course offers ten learning paths, consisting of 45 courses, 12 workflows, and 450+ documents and videos ranging from help with basic training, production workflows for all disciplines as well as advanced topics.


Civil 3D is useful software but can be challenging to learn. Our training program can help you become more adept, thanks to the four learning paths, consisting of more than 40 courses, three workflows, and 300+ videos and documents in our content library.

BIM 360

We provide a full range of training in all aspects of BIM 360, including BIM 360 Build, Coordinate, Design, Docs, Plan, and Management. Our BIM 360 training includes 24 learning paths, consisting of 6 courses, 25 workflows, and 130+ documents and videos.


Our training program for Bluebeam can help you master technical document collaboration. Our training includes one learning path, consisting of five courses, two workflows, and 100+ documents and videos to hone your skills.




Our company has digital transformation initiatives underway and need help getting our staff up to speed on many technologies.


Pinnacle Series delivers in-depth learning resources for dozens of AEC software products, so it’s a one-stop-shop for all of your technology training needs.


We have a mix of remote workers and in-person teams, and need a place where all employees can go for quick, consistent answers when they’re stuck.


Keep projects flowing smoothly by giving employees on-demand AEC software training they can access anytime, anywhere. When they run into a challenge, they can consult a quick how-to video or document to solve the problem efficiently.


As a big company, we need a centralized place where our internal experts can share their knowledge.


Pinnacle Series is more than a software training platform for AEC organizations—it can also house all internal knowledge for your company. Migrate your organization’s internal documents and videos to Pinnacle, so they’re all in one place, and designate employees as subject-matter experts to vet new content on various topics.


We want to support our employees’ career goals and enable internal growth by giving them more learning and development opportunities.


Pinnacle Series contains both short, solution-oriented content and Learning Paths geared toward building long-term skills. Since our resources are self-paced and on-demand, employees can pursue learning at any time. You can also assign training with set due dates.

TOP Pinnacle Series Features

Eagle Point Software offers enterprise multidiscipline software training for Revit, Civil 3D, BIM 360, and more.

Breadth and Depth of Content

Our training content development team is comprised of AEC and manufacturing professionals who have worked in the industry and know the software. Their extensive knowledge enables them to create high-quality, in-depth resources for Pinnacle’s robust content libraries. Content is frequently updated as there are updates to the software or new industry trends, so your staff is always getting the latest best practices.

Personalized Learning & Development

When you have a large team, it’s not always feasible for managers to assess every employee’s knowledge and assign the right learning. That’s why we’ve partnered with KnowledgeSmart to build this functionality directly into the platform. Users can test their software skills and generate a personalized Learning Path based on their results. This way, they can benefit from the courses they need while skipping ones with content they already know.

Eagle Point Software offers enterprise multidiscipline software training for Revit, Civil 3D, BIM 360, and more.

Progress Reporting Tools

Monitor your staff’s Pinnacle usage and learning progress at-a-glance with our platform reporting tools. You can decide whether to create an incentive program to reward top learners and encourage platform adoption. Managers can also assign training with due dates to keep their teams on track.

Your Own Customer Success Manager

Enterprise and mid-market companies receive a dedicated customer success manager to maximize usage and efficiency with Pinnacle Series. They’ll be your go-to point of contact for anything you need—questions, issues, brainstorming sessions, new features you’d like to see, and so on. We care about your success because it’s our success too!




Brian E.
National Quality & Engineering Manager

I just wanted to mention the fantastic support we are getting from our Eagle Point rep Amanda Wachendorf and the quality of the training provided through the Pinnacle Series. As we discussed back in December/January, FAA had decided to move from MicroStation® to AutoCAD® with a final transition date of 9/30/2020. We have approximately 45 CAD Drafters on our program who need transition training. As part of the transition I had two super users knowledgeable in both MicroStation and AutoCAD review the Pinnacle Series training for suitability. Both identified the training as relative and well put-together for what we needed. This was the right solution at the right time and our users are fully benefiting from this product. In addition, Amanda identified that if we need any customized training to support our program with respect to AutoCAD, they will be happy to modify or add classes as necessary. I can see this as a future benefit to develop FAA specific training and be able to bring newly hired drafters ups to speed with FAA standards and requirements.


Timothy M.
CAD/Technology Manager
gai consultants

More than anything, I believe in giving credit where credit is due. Our team launched Pinnacle today, and we are so grateful to Amanda for all of her support and guidance over the past year. She is an incredible brand ambassador for Pinnacle! One of the things that we always talk about with our employees is being a trusted advisor to our clients. That includes being responsive, providing helpful resources, and making things easy for our clients to understand so that they can make good decisions for their businesses. Amanda certainly checked all of those boxes in working with us and became a trusted advisor to our team! Amanda was also really pleasant to work with and easy going with our (at times) silly stories or questions. Anyway, as I said, just wanted to give credit where credit is due, so wanted to let you know how much we appreciated all of Amanda’s support.


Melanie B.
Senior Human Resources Representative
American Structurepoint inc.

We call Pinnacle Series our ‘Single Source of Truth’. Every opportunity we can, we are continuously trying to find ways of driving the traffic to Pinnacle Series. The bottlenecks in support have been reduced.

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Eagle Point Software offers architecture software training for Revit, AutoCAD, and more.

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