When Efficiency Matters
When Efficiency Matters


For the past several decades, we have followed a single-minded mission to serve AEC companies.

From humble beginnings in a basement with a spark of an idea, we have risen to offer high-tech solutions that evolve with the ever-changing landscape of software and industry developments.

See some of our company highlights in the timeline below.

  • 1982

    • It all begins when two civil engineers (John Biver and his business partner) buy one of IBM’s first PCs, only months after its release. They quickly realize that the computer had no engineering software to help them with their jobs—so they decide to build their own.
    • They start writing software and exhibit at the Iowa County Engineers’ Conference, where they network with industry professionals and crystallize their goal to create software that made engineers’ lives more efficient.
    • In an inaugural use of their software, they analyze a large State Highway project and discover a problem that saves their client $100,000+.
  • 1983

    • Working out of John’s basement, the two founders officially launch Eagle Point Software: an innovative platform designed by engineers for engineers.
  • 1984-1992

    • The company continues to grow to the point where it is recognized as one of the nation’s top fastest-growing, privately held companies.
  • 1993-1997

    • Featured in Forbes Magazine and ranked three times on the INC. 500 list
    • Honored by Upside Magazine as a tech company Emerging Star
    • Named “Software Developer of the Year” by Autodesk Asia Pacific
    • One of the five companies and one individual to receive the Governor’s Export Award
    • Launch an IPO and become a publicly-traded company
  • 2001

    Change to a private enterprise to return the company’s focus to its core values: serving their customers with a personal connection, hard work, and integrity.

  • 2008-2009

    • The team realizes that the vast amount of software content and updates creates information overload, hurting the efficiency of their engineers and architects.
    • Dedicated as ever to the original mission of creating efficiency, Eagle Point developed the inaugural version of Pinnacle Series, a unique platform with training content created by industry experts.
  • 2009-2017

    Pinnacle Series evolves into the leading Autodesk e-learning system for the AEC space. Pinnacle Series features rapidly expanded to include personalized professional development paths, a repository for gathering and sharing best practices, workflows, interoperability organization, and much more.

  • 2018-2020

    • Eagle Point set out to help the AEC industry adopt new technologies and concepts. As such, Pinnacle Series began featuring content beyond the Autodesk portfolio for all AEC organizations including the construction market that has entered into a digital transformation.
    • Pinnacle Series evolves into the leading AEC and manufacturing training system.
  • The future

    “I envision that we will forever be looking for ways to help organizations in the AEC space,” says John. “In 10 years, I can tell you that we’ll have something even better and faster that helps provide more improvements for AEC firms.”

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