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Our flagship learning management system gives your team the tools to improve their skills, share knowledge, work collaboratively, and boost efficiency.

Transform your business with an industry-leading learning management system.

Real-time, continuous learning

Learning whenever and wherever your team needs it

With the Pinnacle Series learning management system, your employees can learn new software tools and brush up their existing skills on an ongoing basis, whenever it fits into their schedule. With on-demand resources, learning doesn't have to be an occasional event — it can be a natural part of your team's work day.

Personalized learning

Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all training

With Pinnacle Series, AEC & M organizations can harness the power of KnowledgeSmart assessments in creating personalized, targeted learning plans for their employees. Employees take an assessment on a certain software or skill, and then automatically receive a custom learning program within Pinnacle Series so they only have to train on the areas that need improvement.

Knowledge sharing & collaboration

Bring your teams together, no matter where they are

Whether your organization has one location or offices around the world, Pinnacle Series can help streamline operations and improve collaboration. It's packed with knowledge-sharing tools like Work Groups, which allows you to share project materials with internal and external team members; subject matter expert designations; and social features to help increase learning engagement.

Reliable & comprehensive content

Resources created by AEC & M pros, for AEC & M pros

Pinnacle Series' content libraries are packed with thousands of on-demand videos, documents, and workflows covering the top AEC & M skills and software your team relies on every day. All of our content is created by design professionals, for design professionals, and is updated regularly to reflect industry developments and software updates. We also offer curated Learning Paths, which assemble learning resources centered around a single topic — just find the learning path on the skill you want to improve, and set off on a comprehensive learning experience.​

Customization & admin tools

Make Pinnacle Series your single source of truth

Our learning management system is completely customizable, from the logos and colors to the content itself. Admins also have the ability to assign learning content to users to structure their training experience and track learning progress. With Pinnacle Series, you can create a solution and a culture of learning that directly addresses your organization's challenges.

Bring learning to life

Leverage internal experts with live events

Manage all internal training in one place with the ability to schedule, manage, and track live training events led by your organization's subject matter experts. Pinnacle Series users also have access to weekly live training events led by the Eagle Point Software content team.

Your ultimate source for learning management

Track learning, wherever it happens

Pinnacle Series' External Learning Tracking feature allows you to input and keep tabs on your team's entire learning journey, whether it's within Pinnacle Series or through external events like webinars, trade shows, and conferences.

One solution for all of your learning needs.

Pinnacle Series at a glance

Monitor Trends & Data Analytics

Gain insight into overall Pinnacle Series usage, monitor Learning Path progress or completion, and understand user engagement with the administrator dashboard.

You can also use the dashboard to gauge how new employees are progressing through onboarding, check the results of KnowledgeSmart assessments, and align skill sets between teams.

Custom Content Capabilities

Pinnacle Series comes loaded with thousands of learning resources to use right out of the box, but you also have the ability to edit existing content or upload completely fresh, custom content that reflects your best practices, standards and workflows. 

Drive Engagement

Make Pinnacle Series your single source of truth with live events, company news, and more. If it matters to your organization, users can find it in Pinnacle Series.

Manage Internal & External Teams

Pinnacle Series’ Work Groups feature allows you to create project teams and provide training content or standards all in one centralized location. External users like subcontractors or consultants can also be added to Work Groups.

Integrate with Your Tools

Pinnacle Series can fit in seamlessly with your existing tools with features like Active Directory syncing, single sign-on, and open API Access.

Our Customer Success Managers will guide you through the onboarding process to ensure Pinnacle Series integrates into your current systems without a hitch.

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Thousands of AEC & M learning resources, right at your fingertips.

With Pinnacle Series, your team gets on-demand access to libraries of learning content
covering the software skills they need to know to work efficiently and productively.


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Target knowledge gaps with personalized learning.

KnowledgeSmart assessments seamlessly integrate into Pinnacle Series to allow you to create targeted learning programs so employees only have to spend time learning the topics they don’t already know.

Assess employees’ skills for personalized learning

Use assessments to create teams for specific projects

Test job candidates to inform hiring decisions

Assessments tailored to the top AEC & M skills

Discover the difference Pinnacle Series can make for your organization.

Let us show you our learning management system in action, and how it can transform training, knowledge sharing, project work, and collaboration at your organization.

Increase productivity

Upskill employees

Supercharge collaboration

“We call Pinnacle Series our ‘Single Source of Truth.’ Every opportunity we can, we are continuously trying to find ways of driving the traffic to Pinnacle Series.”

Melanie B., Senior Human Resources Representative, American StructurePoint

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