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The Why Before the How – Pinnacle Series Onboarding

The Plan

Implementing Pinnacle Series is vital to capitalizing on
your investment and driving end-user usage. To achieve
the best return on your investment, we must first help
your team understand why Pinnacle Series is important
to them before we show them how the solution works. Through years of experience, we’ve learned that without
awareness and desire for the solution, there is a high
probability of lagging end user engagement. To combat
this, there are two areas your Eagle Point onboarding
team focuses on throughout your Onboarding Plan. The
first focus is for your Customer Success Manager to
understand your company, your culture, and your users
to drive habit change and adoption of Pinnacle Series. As your main contact, the CSM will set long- and
short-term goals with you. During onboarding, you may
not hear from the CSM as much since the Implementation
Specialist manages the project of implementing
Pinnacle Series. Once Pinnacle Series has been kicked off
the Customer Success Manager will set up regularly scheduled meetings with you and be with you for the life of
your subscription. why-before-how-icons The second focus is for your Implementation Specialist to
guide the Pinnacle Series implementation process. They are
there to guide you through your onboarding of Pinnacle
Series, and ensure your onboarding is on the right track
based on your determined metrics and milestones. The
Implementation Specialist will build a success plan that
provides the steps you need to take to kick off Pinnacle Series
to your organization, and start seeing value from it as soon as

What’s Next?

Let’s start by preparing for your initial call with your onboarding
team. This first call will set the foundation that will lead to
a successful implementation of Pinnacle Series.

Your team will tailor your plan to your individual needs and will be asking questions and requesting input throughout this process.


New Customer Introduction

What: Virtual Meeting
Why: During this call, our goal is to introduce ourselves to you, provide information about our process, and to get to know you. This is an opportunity for our team to learn about your organization and its culture, goals, and structure. This will help your Customer Success Manager understand how Pinnacle Series can fit into your organization.
During the second half of the call, our Implementation Specialist will start
setting up the framework for your onboarding meetings.
Who should participate: Your main contact person/people (1-3 people at most)
What should I be prepared to do: Discuss your organizational structure and culture, communication styles, and pathways to motivating end users. Together we’ll identify who should be involved and how to proceed. pexels-jeshootscom-530024 (1) Screen Shot 2021-10-12 at 11.40.34 AM

Onboarding Planning Call

What: Virtual Meeting
Why:  Your Implementation Specialist will take the time to ask questions regarding your preference on the set up of Pinnacle Series and make suggestions based off your goals. Once they understand your preferences, they will begin to build the timeline and success plan. The success plan will be shared with you, so you have a clear picture of who is responsible for which tasks. The IS is there to guide you through this entire process, so you understand what is expected at each step of the way.
Who should participate:  Anyone who is going to be involved in the planning or execution of the implementing of Pinnacle Series, or an individual involved in change, i.e. HR, marketing, SMEs, project manager, executive, or team leader.
What should I be prepared to do: You should come prepared to determine when you would like to roll out Pinnacle Series, how to import users, how to set up groups, and what users you would like import first. We will also discuss learning, branding, your organization’s communication plan, and content planning. You do not need to know every answer to the questions the Implentation Specialist asks – some of their questions are designed to give you items to discuss internally.


What: The Implementation Specialist and your identified implementation team will meet to work towards their individual and organizational goals. This implementation team can be a mix of the content development, communications, and technical team.
Why: To ensure we achieve the goals you and your team have defined.
Who should participate: Both teams will work simultaneously to Implement Pinnacle Series.
What should I be prepared to do: Get excited! This is how we are going to help you get the value from Pinnacle Series! These conversations will happen over a series of different calls – the number of calls needed will be determined by you in partnership with the Implementation Specialist. multidiscipline-employee-training-software-3 Screenshot 2023-04-05 153910

Pinnacle Series Kick Off

What: Virtual Meeting hosted by the Implementation
Specialist in partnership with you.
Why: To educate others at your organization about Pinnacle
Series and the resources they have available to them now,
and to kick off any initiatives in tandem with the introduction
of the platform.
Who should participate: Anyone in the organization that
should have awareness of Pinnacle Series. You will work with
your Implementation Specialist to determine and strategize
on which set of users should be involved in this kick off.


Your Customer Success Team is here to help ensure you receive the highest return on your investment possible.


The keys to a successful onboarding journey lay in clearly articulating a goal, aligning the relevant stakeholders, and detailing each step and task that must be executed. This information will be documented for you in your onboarding success plan. Our Implementation Specialist team leverages a shared platform where we will build your custom onboarding plan, assign tasks to team members, and track project progress. You will have direct access to this success plan, where you can complete your tasks and ensure the project is tracking on time.

The onboarding plan will lay out what will happen at every stage of the onboarding process. Within this plan, we will detail the communications strategy and ensure we clearly articulate the why before the how. This will detail the different methods of educating your users on Pinnacle Series as well as consistently maintaining our focus on your organization’s goals.


Your Implementation Specialist is here to ensure your onboarding process runs efficiently and you receive the highest return on your investment possible. Your Customer Success Manager is your trusted advisor throughout the lifetime of your subscription.

Following the roll out of Pinnacle Series, you will have continuous meetings with your CSM. As a trusted advisor, they provide use cases for each aspect of the platform, suggestions on how to solve your unique challenges, assist with tracking and reporting of the metrics to drive value, identify and mitigate risks, make sure you’re aware of new product features and assist with mitigating adoption barriers.

We are excited to help you achieve success with the Pinnacle Series as quickly and effectively as possible! Thank you again for choosing Pinnacle Series as your productivity solution!


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