When Efficiency Matters
When Efficiency Matters

Advance Steel Online Training

with Pinnacle Series

When engineers are working on structural steel projects, it’s crucial to get everything right before installation. Autodesk’s Advance Steel is the solution for precise steel design, modeling, detailing, fabrication, and construction. The software enables engineers to automate repetitive tasks, easily connect with other software in their workflows like Revit and Navisworks, collaborate on models using BIM 360, and much more.

Pinnacle Series offers Advance Steel training for AEC organizations.

Learn Advance Steel with Pinnacle Series

The foundation for a skyscraper isn’t just steel or concrete: it’s information. Pinnacle Series is an e-learning system that equips your teams with the knowledge they need to use Advance Steel and dozens of other AEC software programs.

Our comprehensive Advance Steel online training content library includes:

  • Learning paths containing multiple courses on Advance Steel fundamentals 
  • Training videos accessible for long-term training or quick answers

Pinnacle Series was founded and built by engineers to make life easier and more efficient for professionals in the AEC ecosystem. Our content isn’t just written by authors who researched the topics; it’s developed by a team of experts who have real-life industry experience and understand the challenges your teams face. They’re tuned in to the new developments in the AEC space and are always updating Pinnacle’s content to be cutting-edge and relevant.

Why Choose Pinnacle Series

Wide Depth and Breadth of Content

Advance Steel training is far from the only thing we offer with Pinnacle Series. Engineers, architects, and manufacturing and construction professionals have a wide variety of skills they need to learn and sharpen for efficiency and success on the job. That’s why the AEC professionals on our team focus on delivering training for dozens of key software programs (Autodesk products, BIM 360, and more), in addition to topics like business skills and safety at work. 

Our content is designed so employees can embark on longer, more in-depth training sessions or hop on Pinnacle to watch a quick video to move them through a process or past a problem. Pinnacle eliminates the need to search online for answers or bother coworkers during a time-crunched project!

Customizable Interface and Smart Learning Platform

When you use most e-learning systems, you’re stuck with whatever they give you out of the box. We didn’t want Pinnacle Series to be a one-size-fits-all solution when we know that each AEC organization has unique needs and goals. That’s why we went beyond a simple e-learning system to make Pinnacle Series a full-featured knowledge management platform.

Start by choosing fonts and colors that match your branding and add your company logo to the platform, so it feels like a natural part of employees’ workflow. If you already have your own internal training resources and onboarding materials, move them to Pinnacle to keep everything in one place. And if any of our content doesn’t quite fit your organization’s best practices, guess what? You can edit it, so it will! 

Dedicated Customer Success Manager

Whether an organization has just started using Pinnacle Series or has been with us for years, we always want them to feel supported and heard. That’s why every mid-market and enterprise account gets a dedicated Customer Success Manager assigned to help with whatever needs might arise. Your CSM will start by helping you define your goals and build a plan to implement Pinnacle Series at your organization. They’ll be right there with you during the rollout to make sure it’s a success. Once your teams are comfortable with using Pinnacle Series, your CSM is a great resource to set new goals and work through any questions that pop up.

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