When Efficiency Matters
When Efficiency Matters

Dynamo Studio Online Training

with Pinnacle Series

Dynamo Studio is a computational design software that enables users to automate repetitive tasks and explore conceptual designs. It helps architecture, engineering, and construction professionals improve their projects' efficiency and integrate them into the BIM (Building Information Modeling) process. The visual programming environment of Dynamo Studio is a standout in Autodesk's expansive suite of software solutions for the AEC industries. Use Dynamo Studio to enhance your firm's design coordination and analysis. 

Pinnacle Series’ content library covers Dynamo software training.

Learn Dynamo Studio with Pinnacle Series

Pinnacle Series offers comprehensive content for Dynamo Studio training for your entire organization. You'll get all the access you need to ensure that each of your employees understands not just how to use the latest version of Dynamo Studio, but how to use it to its fullest potential

Our content on Dynamo Studio online training includes: 

  • Wide selection of online training videos 
  • Documents that employees can reference for quick answers on frequently asked questions about Dynamo  
  • Multiple learning paths that cover Dynamo software fundamentals and how you can work with Revit data in Dynamo. You'll find information on getting started, task automation, Revit automation, and how to use Dynamo in conceptual design

Why Choose Pinnacle Series

Wide Depth and Breadth of Content

Pinnacle Series' extensive content library doesn't just provide resources for Dynamo Studio training — it also includes courses covering dozens of other AEC software programs and industry topics. Your team will use Pinnacle Series every day to train and find answers to their questions about essential AEC software, as well as AEC workplace topics such as management skills, human resources, or health and safety. 

You'll find training videos, comprehensive learning paths, and more in our library, all created by AEC experts for AEC professionals. Our team understands the questions your employees will likely have since we've been there ourselves.

Customizable Interface and Smart Learning Platform

It's easy to personalize the Pinnacle Series platform and make it a natural part of your organization's workflow. You'll be able to create custom content, host live training events, and add your firm's branding. Pinnacle Series is your single source of truth to keep your entire firm up to date on the latest standards and best practices.

You can customize each employees' training with Pinnacle Series as well! Our KnowledgeSmart integration provides assessments that pinpoint the areas where each employee needs more education, as well as the skills they've already mastered. That way, you can utilize Pinnacle Series as efficiently as possible and ensure employees only spend time training on the areas where they need improvement.

Dedicated Customer Success Manager

Pinnacle Series offers live support right from the platform to answer any questions you may have while introducing Dynamo Studio training to your firm. This way, your team receives all the help they need when they need it, so their learning isn't interrupted. We also match each mid-market and enterprise organization with a dedicated Customer Success Manager who will be on hand to ensure Pinnacle Series is implemented smoothly and help set usage goals as your team gets acclimated to the platform.

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