When Efficiency Matters
When Efficiency Matters

Global BIM Standards Training

with Pinnacle Series

BIM (Building Information Modeling) is a model-based process that AEC professionals use to plan and manage projects. Global BIM ISO 19650 Standards have become a mandate for many AEC organizations, making it easier for teams to stay connected throughout the building process—from original design to ongoing maintenance. Any AEC organization can benefit from comprehensive Global BIM Standards training to ensure that their building projects are planned and managed as efficiently as possible.

Pinnacle Series’ content library includes Global BIM Standards training materials.

Learn Global BIM Standards with Pinnacle Series

For AEC professionals looking to apply Global BIM Standards to their projects, Pinnacle Series offers a robust library of training materials on these specific standards. Pinnacle Series users can get up to date on the ISO 19650 standards and use the library as a quick and easy reference during their work.

Pinnacle Series’ Global BIM Standards training content includes:

  • Extensive videos on Global BIM Standards  
  • A comprehensive learning path covering topics such as the importance of ISO 19650 around the world, documentation for appointing parties, the BIM process for setting up the project, and more
  • Multiple documents to reference for frequently asked questions about Global BIM Standards and fast solutions

When you choose Pinnacle Series for Global BIM Standards training, you can rest assured your team is getting the latest information updated by our team of in-house content experts.

Why Choose Pinnacle Series

Wide Depth and Breadth of Content

Pinnacle Series users get access to extensive content that goes far beyond Global BIM Standards training. Our training library covers dozens of important topics as well as software tools for the AEC industry. With Pinnacle Series, you’ll learn all you need to know about Global BIM Standards — and more — to enhance your firm and complete projects successfully.

The Pinnace Series content library is broken down into hundreds of learning paths, workflows, documents, and videos that can be accessed on demand. Your employees can build their skills through a full-length training course or reference a quick video for answers to common problems that arise within the industry. Plus, all our content is created by AEC professionals with experience in the field – they know how to create content that meets your needs and answers your questions, because they’ve been in your shoes.

Customizable Interface and Smart Learning Platform

Pinnacle Series additionally offers the opportunity to fully customize your firm’s e-learning platform. You can incorporate your company’s branding by customizing the font and color of content and add logos. You can also edit established content, add your own custom content, and host specialized live training sessions to truly make Pinnacle Series a part of your organization’s workflows.

Employee training also gets a personalized spin thanks to our KnowledgeSmart integration, which creates customized learning plans based on user assessments. This way your employees only spend time training on the skills they need improvement on, not those they’ve already mastered.

Dedicated Customer Success Manager

We assign a Customer Success Manager to all mid-sized and enterprise customers to ensure that they receive as much value as possible from Pinnacle Series. From helping to establish communication about Pinnacle Series’ initial rollout to enhancing long-term use, your CSM is here for you to answer all your questions and make sure that Pinnacle Series is used successfully by each member of your team.

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Global BIM Standards have become the norm for many AEC organizations around the world. To receive all the resources your firm needs on these essential standards, schedule a demo or start a free trial today and see how Pinnacle Series’ e-learning platform can help improve your Global BIM Standards training and more.

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