When Efficiency Matters
When Efficiency Matters

AEC Health & Safety Training

with Pinnacle Series

Health and safety are essential in every workplace, but these topics are especially important for AEC industries. AEC health and safety training should provide comprehensive information that encompasses a variety of subjects. Proper training helps both employers and employees identify hazards on job sites, prepare for emergencies, and reduce the potential for illness or injury to ensure that projects are completed successfully and safely.

Pinnacle Series’ content library covers AEC health and safety training.

Learn Health & Safety Tactics with Pinnacle Series

If you're looking to boost your team's health and safety knowledge, Eagle Point Software's Pinnacle Series offers a comprehensive library of AEC health and safety training resources. Pinnacle Series users can access training material on demand and receive important health and safety information tailored to their role as employees, managers and supervisors, or human resource professionals. 

Pinnacle Series' health and safety training content library includes a wide variety and scope of learning paths that cover essential subjects, such as: 

  • Hazardous material handling and communication, covering understanding GHS compliance, wearing personal protective equipment, and responding to accidental spills 
  • Construction safety, covering electrical safety, forklifts, cranes, power tools, ladders, scaffolding, fall protection, and more
  • General workplace safety, covering recognizing hazards, responding to emergencies, handling fire extinguishers, resolving workplace conflict, and more 

Why Choose Pinnacle Series

Wide Depth and Breadth of Content

With Pinnacle Series, you'll gain access to content that encompasses dozens of essential AEC topics and software tools. Our software library goes beyond health and safety to include software programs, business skills, human resources, and best practices. If it's an essential topic in the AEC industry, you'll find training for it in our content library. 

The Pinnacle Series library offers content that fits your organization's needs, whether you're looking for quick-reference cheat sheets, comprehensive learning paths, or extensive training videos. Everything is available on-demand so your employees can quickly access a variety of solutions on the go.

Customizable Interface and Smart Learning Platform

Pinnacle Series customers can customize the platform to match their organization’s colors and branding. But the customization doesn't stop there - you can tailor existing training content or add your own to ensure your team is getting the latest information that matches your best practices.

You can also track your team members' progress and manage live training events with Pinnacle Series for a blended learning approach. Our KnowledgeSmart integration also allows you to improve employees' knowledge where it's needed the most with skills assessments and tailored training plans.

Dedicated Customer Success Manager

We pair customers with a Customer Success Manager who will help guide your organization's use of Pinnacle Series to ensure your entire team benefits from the experience. From the initial introduction of the platform to creating goals for long-term use, your CSM helps you get the most out of your investment in Pinnacle Series. 

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