When Efficiency Matters
When Efficiency Matters

Lumion Software Training

with Pinnacle Series

Lumion allows architects and visual designers to render their basic project models quickly and efficiently into beautiful, photorealistic final designs. The software is compatible with other CAD programs to allow easy 3D model importing, letting you build off the initial design to craft detail-rich, photorealistic buildings and landscape visualizations. With Lumion, it's easier than ever to create complex, lifelike renderings to deliver projects that impress your clients.

Pinnacle Series offers Lumion software training for the AEC industries.

Learn Lumion with Pinnacle Series

When you choose Pinnacle Series for your Lumion software training, you'll get expert-created training content to ensure that your team is confident using the program to design their projects.

Our Lumion software training library includes:

  • A learning path including multiple courses to get your teams started using the software, developing scenes, and generating the final result
  • Catalog of training videos
  • Workflows covering the visualization processes

With Pinnacle Series, our goal is to provide a mixture of content that can provide quick answers and level up your employees' skills in the long term. Since all our training is developed in-house by our own team of architects, engineers, and developers, we can add new content as needed!

Why Choose Pinnacle Series

Wide Depth and Breadth of Content

Pinnacle Series is no generic e-learning platform: it was built specifically to serve the architecture, engineering, construction, and manufacturing industries. This specialization allows our teams to create exactly the content your organization needs to train employees successfully. Use our platform as a deep dive into dozens of AEC software programs, from AutoCAD to SketchUp to Revit and many more.

Customizable Interface and Smart Learning Platform

Pinnacle Series offers much more than training content: it's a full-featured knowledge management system you can truly make your own. Start by customizing the platform's look and feel with your organization's colors, logos, and fonts. Then, take a look at our pre-loaded content and adapt anything to fit your unique standards and best practices. Upload custom content to turn Pinnacle into a complete knowledge repository for your organization. You can even use our tools to schedule and manage live events.

Each employee can personalize their training with the help of KnowledgeSmart assessments. Our partnership allows employees to take tests to identify where their current skills are strong and where there's room to grow. Pinnacle Series then generates a custom learning plan to fill in the gaps while skipping over the topics they've already mastered.

Dedicated Customer Success Manager

Even the best software is only valuable if it actually gets used. That's why we've built support directly into our product and platform. If employees have questions while working on their Lumion software training, they can just click a button to access live support. Plus, every mid-market and enterprise account gets a dedicated Customer Success Manager (or CSM), who will work with you to understand your training goals and effectively onboard Pinnacle Series across your organization.

Give Pinnacle Series A Try

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Created for and by AEC professionals, we think you’ll love everything Pinnacle Series has to offer. Schedule a demonstration or start your pilot today to see our e-learning system in action.

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