Maya Software Training with Pinnacle Series

Maya is an innovative rendering, modeling, and simulation software created by Autodesk. The program’s 3D computer animation tools and intuitive modeling capabilities allow engineering professionals to achieve conceptual design animation and visualization for automotive and other mechanical applications. It’s an impressive addition to Autodesk’s expansive portfolio of useful software products for AEC professionals.

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Learn Maya with Pinnacle Series

Free download Autodesk Maya logo | Autodesk, ? logo, Vector logoPinnacle Series users get access to a comprehensive library of Maya software training materials. This extensive collection of resources ensures that everyone on your team can use Maya comfortably and to its fullest potential for any project. 

Our library of Maya software training content includes: 

  • Library of training videos available on demand 
  • Learning paths, which covers the fundamentals of Maya software. This comprehensive training tool encompasses polygonal modeling, NURBS, shading and texturing, lighting, rendering, and more.


Pinnacle Series’ e-learning system ensures your team has the resources they need to utilize Maya software and other Autodesk programs as efficiently as possible. 

Why Choose Pinnacle Series

Expansive Learning Content Libraries

With Pinnacle Series, you’ll have access to all of the Maya software training content your team needs, as well as resources on other AEC products and topics. Our content library offers training videos, workflows, learning paths, and more on Autodesk’s entire portfolio of programs so your team can access everything in a single place. All content is available on demand, so your employees can quickly find Maya software training and resolve any issues that arise while they’re on the job.

Customizable Interface and Smart Learning Platform

Pinnacle Series offers the unique opportunity to host live training sessions for your employees and create content directly related to your firm’s needs, such as standards and best practices. You can also customize the Pinnacle Series platform with your organization’s colors, branding, logo, and more, so it truly feels tailor-made for your team.

Through Pinnacle Series’ integration with KnowledgeSmart, you can also provide customized training designed around each employees’ strengths and weaknesses. Employees can take assessments that pinpoint the topics they’re already experts on, and where they might need a little more improvement, so no time is wasted teaching what they already know.

Whether you’d like to emphasize best practices or help employees brush up on their AEC industry knowledge, Pinnacle Series has everything you need to provide specialized training and maintain your organization’s standards. 

Dedicated Customer Success Manager

All mid-size and enterprise customers are matched with a Customer Success Manager (CSM) who works with you to ensure Pinnacle Series is introduced and utilized as effectively as possible within your organization. Your CSM is dedicated to making sure you get the most out of our platform and find success using Pinnacle Series in the long term. We’re here for you and your entire organization, for the lifetime of your subscription.

What You'll Find Inside Pinnacle Series

The core of our Pinnacle Series learning management system is its comprehensive, expert-developed content catalog, covering a wide range of AEC and manufacturing software and topics. 

30,000+ videos available on demand for continuous learning or quick answers when they're needed most.

Curated Learning Paths that guide users through training on specific topics with video lessons, interactive written content, data sets, and more.

Helpful documents providing quick tips and tricks to assist learning, along with troubleshooting guides for when people get stuck.

Workflows you can use to communicate processes and procedures, and provide direct access to the commands and tools your team needs

Related Learning plugin for Autodesk products, which recommend learning in Pinnacle Series based on the commands a user is running.

Live Events from the Pinnacle Series team or your internal subject matter experts.

Pinnacle Series | Elevate Your Learning

The Pinnacle Series learning management system is designed for AEC and manufacturing professionals, by AEC and manufacturing professionals. Our content libraries are packed with thousands of learning resources on the software titles your team uses every day.

Expert-created learning content

KnowledgeSmart Assessments integration

Dedicated Customer Success team

Custom content & document storage capabilities

Live event & external learning tracking

See how Pinnacle Series can transform training and collaboration for your teams!

Thousands of AEC & M learning resources, right at your fingertips.

With Pinnacle Series, your team gets on-demand access to libraries of learning content
covering the software skills they need to know to work efficiently and productively.


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