When Efficiency Matters
When Efficiency Matters

Rhino and Grasshopper

Software Training with Pinnacle Series

Rhino gives AEC professionals powerful 3D modeling tools that allow them to create, edit, analyze, document, render, and animate their designs, no matter their complexity or size. Grasshopper, a robust graphical algorithm editor, comes integrated within the Rhino application to allow users to build form generators even if they don’t have knowledge of programming or scripting.

Pinnacle Series offers Rhino and Grasshopper software training for AEC organizations.

Learn Rhino and Grasshopper with Pinnacle Series

Pinnacle Series users have access to robust Rhino and Grasshopper training resources to help introduce them to the fundamentals of the programs and equip them for upskilling on the more advanced features.

Our Rhino software training library includes:

  • Hundreds of videos
  • Learning paths on Rhino Fundamentals (including 2D development, basic modeling, views, and an interface overview) and Rhino Advanced (including refined surface tools, advanced tool sets, and higher-level concepts)

Grasshopper software training library includes:

  • Wide selection of video content
  • Learning path on Grasshopper Fundamentals

Aside from its scope, the Rhino software training content within Pinnacle Series also stands apart from other AEC training resources because it’s crafted by our team of industry experts. Our content creators have worked in the same fields as you, so they understand what’s needed to keep our Rhino software training resources up-to-date and relevant to the questions and issues your employees will face.

Why Choose Pinnacle Series

Wide Depth and Breadth of Content

The libraries in Pinnacle Series go far beyond Rhino software training – chances are if there’s an AEC software program that your organization uses each day, we have training on it. From tons of software to must-know topics like business skills and health and safety, our industry-leading e-learning platform contains all of the knowledge you need to set your employees up for success.

Our content is broken up into thousands of videos, documents, workflows, courses, and learning paths, meaning your team can choose the type of resource that best fits their needs in the moment. If they’re interested in long-term upskilling, there’s a course for that. Need help with a quick question while working on a project? Our short videos can give them the answers they need fast, so they won’t be forced to search the internet or ask another employee.

Customizable Interface and Smart Learning Platform

With Pinnacle Series, your team can get tailored training plans as unique as they are. Users can take an assessment through our partnership with KnowledgeSmart that will pinpoint what they’ve already mastered, and where they might need a little more training. With individualized learning, your team will have more time to spend on project work, and less time wasted training on the concepts and skills they already know.

Pinnacle Series also offers you administrator tools to make our platform your own. You can add your organization’s logo and branding and edit our content or add your own to best reflect your team’s standards and workflows. Pinnacle Series isn’t just a one-size-fits-all Rhino software training program – it’s your one-stop-shop e-learning solution for all things AEC.

Dedicated Customer Success Manager

When you choose Pinnacle Series for your Rhino and Grasshopper software training, you won’t be going it alone. Each of our mid-sized and enterprise accounts is partnered with a dedicated Customer Success Manager who will be there every step of the way, throughout the entire lifespan of your subscription. From creating a communication plan and assisting in your organization’s implementation of Pinnacle Series, to creating long-term usage goals, we’re here to make sure your team gets the most out of our e-learning platform.

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