6 Benefits of an AEC E-Learning System

Here’s how an e-learning system like Pinnacle Series can help AEC companies achieve their goals:

  1. Quicker problem-solving
  2. Streamlined business processes
  3. Support for employee growth and development
  4. Better communication
  5. Improved organizational agility
  6. More company-wide innovation

Learn more about these knowledge management system benefits below.

Quicker problem-solving

Many companies rely on live training events to get staff up to speed with new software and knowledge. But in between these events, employees may be left scrambling to solve problems if they run into something that wasn’t covered or they didn’t fully absorb the information. Providing a high-quality e-learning system puts solutions at employees’ fingertips when they need them most, allowing them to spend less time searching for answers and more time on work.

Streamlined business processes

Having standardized processes for completing tasks keeps everyone on the same page through each part of a project. A knowledge management system is a perfect place to house these workflows, so they’re consistent and easy for employees to find. With Pinnacle Series it’s also easy to update this information as needed, so the documents and resources your team needs stay up to date and relevant.

Support for employee growth and development

High-achievers thrive when their company supports their professional goals. Providing opportunities for ongoing learning helps them upskill, and helps you retain top workers and promote internally. It’s a win-win! With Pinnacle Series, motivated employees can even download training content for on-the-go learning when they’re offline.

Better communication

We’ve all been stuck in those email threads, chat conversations, or meetings where teams spend too much time going back and forth about a problem or issue. These situations can be hard to follow for employees and may result in misunderstandings or miscommunications. 

An e-learning system like Pinnacle Series can also function as a centralized information repository, so everyone in your organization is on the same page. When your team has easy access to the same documents and resources, they can communicate more smoothly and eliminate unproductive back and forth. 

Improved organizational agility

Change is essential—without change, there’s no growth. If your company is discouraged from making changes because it would take too long to pivot to a new process or software and get everyone up to speed company-wide, it can slow progress.

Make these critical changes easier on your team with an e-learning system that allows you to assign training courses or review edited documents with just a few clicks. Pinnacle Series gives you full control over the information inside the e-learning system so you can seamlessly make updates. 

More company-wide innovation

When your top employees and managers aren’t busy putting out fires, they’re free to excel and innovate. An AEC knowledge management system outsources all the inefficient busywork of testing, training, and re-training staff, making it a faster and more effective process. In Pinnacle Series, you can designate employees as subject-matter experts or have them create custom content so they can easily share their solutions and innovations with others.

If any of these benefits could help your organization meet its goals, log in to Pinnacle Series now and check out how our robust content library featuring thousands of expert-developed training assets can help your team.

If you’re not already a Pinnacle Series customer, we’d love to explore how Pinnacle Series can help your AEC company thrive. Schedule a demo today to see the benefits of Pinnacle Series for yourself!


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