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  • Civil 3D Content Updates
    • A new learning path on BIM Collaboration for Civil 3D is now available in the Civil 3D 2020 and 2021 library. The new learning path includes courses on BIM 360 Project Setup, Civil 3D Project Setup in BIM 360, and Collaborating on Civil 3D Projects in BIM 360. This path is intended for Civil 3D users who are new to BIM 360, and who are looking for guidance on the requirements for BIM collaboration, how to set up their Civil 3D projects to share project templates, how to set up Data Shortcuts in BIM 360, and more.
  • ESRI ArcGIS Content Updates
    • A new library and learning path on ESRI ArcGIS has been added to the Building and Infrastructure subscription. The ESRI (Environmental Systems Research Institute) content covers GIS (geographic information system) basics and “What is GIS.” The learning path is an integrated approach, combining ArcGIS Pro and ArcGIS online applications.

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  • Recycling Bin
    • A new Recycling Bin feature has been added which prevents users from deleting content directly. Instead, content is sent to a Recycling Bin repository for review by Content Managers (if content is authored/owned) or by Administrators (who can access any/all “recycled” items). These users then have the ability to review, restore, or permanently delete the content, or allow it to reside as-is. More information on this new feature can be found here: Pinnacle Series Recycling Bin

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