5 Benefits of Personalized Learning

Discover the difference targeted learning can make at your organization.

As architecture, engineering, construction, and manufacturing organizations look for more effective ways to provide learning and development opportunities to their employees, there’s one specific factor that can make or break your plan: leveraging the benefits of personalized learning. 

Today’s employees aren’t excited about attending generic training sessions or taking monotonous online courses. They don’t want to waste time learning irrelevant material. Instead, they want personalized learning that will actually help them on the job and drive future career growth. 

The benefits of personalized learning extend to the organizational level as well. They include: 

  1. Saving time & money
  2. Increasing employee engagement
  3. Fostering your internal talent
  4. Improving learning outcomes
  5. Streamlining the onboarding process

Read on to learn more about these five benefits of personalized learning and how organizations can use Pinnacle Series to maximize the effectiveness of their training. 

Saving time & money

Employee training doesn’t have to be a long, arduous, or expensive process. One of the biggest benefits of personalized learning is that it directly addresses the employee’s point of need, without any unnecessary fluff. 

In Pinnacle Series, we do this with the help of KnowledgeSmart, an integrated assessment tool that lets employees “test out” of subjects they already know (among other benefits). Their results are used to automatically generate a personalized learning path that only covers the material relevant to their individual training needs. 

When employees aren’t wasting valuable work hours re-learning content they’re already familiar with, they can be more efficient on the job, which saves time and money. 

Increasing employee engagement

It’s hard to feel engaged with training that doesn’t feel like it was developed with you and your employees in mind. You need an e-learning platform that gives your employees a wide selection of content, so they can choose courses that fit their individual needs and interests. This not only increases their engagement but also makes them more likely to retain the information for longer. 

In Pinnacle Series, we’ve built in additional engaging features that give users different ways to interact with the platform. For instance, our related learning plugin for Autodesk products suggests relevant content in the software while users are working, and our robust search function will immediately guide them to the answers they need. Think of it like a search engine, but specifically for expert-created AEC & M training content!

Fostering your internal talent

Through targeted training and assessments, organizations can identify employees with the potential to take on advanced roles or responsibilities. Once you’ve talked to employees about their future goals, you can provide them with personalized training materials they need to reach the next level in their careers. When you’re always looking for ways to help your employees advance professionally, it can help to create a culture of growth and development within the organization.

Improving learning outcomes

By providing employees with the right materials and guidance, organizations can ensure that each employee is getting the most out of their training. One of the biggest factors to consider here is learning style. Maybe one employee likes to learn by solving problems on the job and watching quick tutorials, while another prefers a deep dive into a full course. Failing to account for these different needs and preferences can be one of the biggest pitfalls in e-learning

Within a system like Pinnacle Series, users can choose how to learn. We have full learning paths, single courses, short tutorial videos, documents and workflows, and more. Each individual can use the materials that are best for them and learn at their own pace.

Streamlining the onboarding process

The benefits of personalized learning start from day one of welcoming a new person to the team. You can immediately gauge their technical strengths, skills gaps, and opportunities for growth using learning assessments, then use that information to get them started on projects and plan future learning goals. Learn more tips for efficient onboarding with Pinnacle Series here.

When your organization uses Pinnacle Series, learning isn’t the only thing you can personalize! Check out this blog post to learn how you can customize our whole e-learning system in various ways, then contact us for a free demo or pilot program to see it in action.

Already a Pinnacle Series subscriber? Log in now or reach out to our team to talk about personalized learning and how you can incorporate it into your organization’s learning strategy.


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