Benefits of Pinnacle Series vs. Searching Online

Step away from the search engine and try the AEC & M industry’s top learning and knowledge-sharing solution.

Search engines are powerful tools with the ability to connect people to an incredible wealth of information. However, sometimes their greatest benefit is also their greatest challenge: there’s so much information that it can be difficult for users to find the right answers from a trustworthy source. And in the architecture, engineering, construction, and manufacturing industries, incorrect research has the potential to lead to costly mistakes. 

When it comes to learning and knowledge sharing in this space, there is a better option available. Pinnacle Series provides a range of benefits that can help employees find the information they need more quickly and effortlessly.

Let’s explore some of the ways our solution beats the search engines with these benefits of Pinnacle Series!

  1. Expert-developed content
  2. Fast, relevant answers
  3. Up-to-date information
  4. Internal knowledge-sharing
  5. Specific project inquiries

Read on to learn more about the benefits of Pinnacle Series vs. online search engines!

Expert-developed content

When you get a list of results from a search engine, you have to vet each one to make sure the authors know what they’re talking about. With Pinnacle Series, that certainty is built into every document you read and video you watch. Our learning management system software was built by AEC & M professionals, for AEC & M professionals, so it’s like having access to a whole team of experts right at your fingertips. 

Have a question about how to do something in a software program? Instead of watching a random video that came up in an online search, users can find specific tutorials from our team members who have used that software in their own work.

Fast, relevant answers

With Pinnacle Series, our features make it easy to find exactly what you need, when you need it. As one happy client from CHA Consulting told us, Pinnacle Series is “faster than a Google search!” 

When users are searching for an answer, they won’t have to open ten tabs and speed-read to see if the resource meets their needs. Instead, they can just use our detailed search tool to guide them to the right place in our vast library of learning assets. Since Pinnacle Series is tailored to the AEC & M industries, you won’t muddy the waters with irrelevant results or surface-level overviews that fail to meet the needs of working professionals. And our Autodesk plugin can even recommend related learning content while employees are working with specific software, helping them find answers before they even know they have a question!

Up-to-date information

We’ve all been there: you think you’ve found the perfect online resource, and then you see the dreaded “…last updated 2014.” In a rapidly evolving space like AEC & M, old answers just won’t cut it. Software, in particular, may undergo drastic changes from version to version, so a tutorial that worked for last year’s version could leave you lost this year. 

That’s why with Pinnacle Series, we didn’t just develop the training content once, then dust off our hands and move on. Our AEC & M content experts are constantly reviewing and updating our existing resources, as well as adding brand-new ones as new software emerges in these fields. Plus, we love to build personal relationships with our clients and cater to your needs directly — so if you need software training for any program we don’t currently cover, you can let us know and see if it’s in the pipeline!

Internal knowledge-sharing

When we designed Pinnacle Series, we didn’t want it to just be a generic training platform. Our vision was to create a “single source of knowledge” where you can store any information — not just what we give you. If a user can’t recall their company’s standards or best practices for a certain task, we want them to be able to find that in Pinnacle Series too. 

Administrators and subject-matter experts can publish almost any form of custom content to live on Pinnacle Series right alongside our pre-loaded resources and even edit our existing content to better fit their needs.

Specific project inquiries

Finally, when was the last time a search engine was able to answer “What are Bob’s responsibilities in Project X?” Obviously, you’ll need to turn to some sort of internal project management tool for queries like this. 

Pinnacle Series streamlines communication by offering helpful features like Work Groups for project collaboration. Whether an employee is looking for advice from an external contractor, needs to communicate with the internal team, or wants to find all project-specific documents in one place, they never have to leave the Pinnacle Series platform to get it done.

Want to explore our platform and see for yourself why you’ll never want to use a regular search engine for work again? Let’s make it happen! If you’re already a subscriber, you can log in now to experience all of the benefits of Pinnacle Series for yourself.

Not a subscriber yet? Contact us to set up a demo or pilot program of Pinnacle Series for your AEC & M organization!



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