How a Culture of Learning Can Drive Success at Your Organization

How would you describe your company culture? If you’re looking to make some tweaks, totally revamp, or even define and invest in company culture for the first time, we think there’s one specific type that brings benefits to everyone in its orbit. That’s a culture of learning! 


Here are some of the ways a culture of learning can help your architecture, engineering, construction, or manufacturing organization achieve greater success: 


  1. Upskill your teams and increase efficiency
  2. Attract top candidates to the company
  3. Reduce onboarding and turnover costs
  4. Share knowledge internally
  5. Encourage innovations
  6. Increase teams’ sense of community and pride
  7. Earn more business


By the way, at Eagle Point Software, we’re all about a culture of learning—that’s why we created our flagship AEC & M e-learning and knowledge management system, Pinnacle Series! It could be just the solution you need to take your learning culture to the next level.


Upskill your teams and increase efficiency

It stands to reason that when people are more educated and prepared for their roles, efficiency flourishes. When they have the knowledge and confidence from being properly trained, it saves the time and frustration of making mistakes or searching for hard-to-find answers. And that time is valuable — a McKinsey report estimated that employees spend on average 1.8 hours every day searching for information and answers to their questions. That’s 9.3 hours each week that could be spent on billable work!


An e-learning platform like Pinnacle Series puts those answers within easy reach when they’re needed, along with thorough, in-depth training to increase their skills in meaningful ways in the long term.


Attract top candidates to the company

Most of the best workers in any industry share one thing in common: they enjoy and pursue learning on an ongoing basis. In rapidly evolving industries like architecture, engineering, construction, and manufacturing, you want these willing learners on your team!


Creating and promoting a culture of learning makes your organization more attractive to top job candidates. In fact, a Pew Research Center analysis found that 45% of millennial workers prioritize jobs that help them develop their career skills as “very important.” Showing prospective hires that your organization is a place for them to grow and develop professionally can help increase the chances that they’ll want to join — and stay on — your team.


Reduce onboarding and turnover costs

The costs of searching for, hiring, and onboarding new employees add up quickly. By training and retaining internal talent, you reduce these costs and any disruptions to a team’s workflow from members coming and going. You also gain the opportunity to promote internally, so their careers can grow and the organization flourishes!


Learn more about how Pinnacle Series improves employee retention.


Share knowledge internally

A culture of learning is a culture where all team members are encouraged to value and share knowledge. Promoting a mindset of learning and collaboration can lead to so many benefits, including having team members pool their knowledge and teach one another. Pinnacle Series helps you capture that knowledge with its built-in custom content and collaboration tools.


Encourage new innovations

Innovation is one of the most difficult things for an organization to increase in a measurable, quantifiable way. You can’t put an output requirement on human creativity! But what you can do is create an environment where ideas are heard, and creativity can thrive. In a culture of learning, employees are constantly being steeped in new ideas and exposed to different information, leading them to lightbulb moments of their own. 


Increase teams’ sense of community and pride

These are two more things that you can’t exactly quantify, but they make an enormous impact on everyone’s experience working at your company. Learning together, growing together, and improving as professionals gives your team a bond with each other and increases their loyalty and satisfaction at your organization.


Earn more business

Lastly, financial success comes with a learning culture too! Upskilling your team prepares them to take on more ambitious projects and clients in the future. When they’re growing, the company is growing, and profits are growing, what more could you ask for?


It’s time to learn more about how Pinnacle Series can kick off your AEC & M organization’s new and improved culture of learning! Schedule a demo or pilot with our team today, or get in touch with your Customer Success Manager if you’re already a subscriber.



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