How to Improve Communication Within Your AEC Organization

This is why we’ve built a variety of features into Pinnacle Series specifically to help employees and teams — plus outside contractors and consultants — learn and collaborate effectively.

Here are seven ways to improve organizational communication:

  1. Create groups for centralized collaboration
  2. Keep contractors in the loop
  3. Provide consistent training
  4. Share company best practices
  5. Offer accessibility options and translations
  6. Support remote workers
  7. Introduce new software effectively

Let’s learn more about how to improve communication within your AEC organization, and how Pinnacle Series can help!

Create groups for centralized collaboration

Instead of bouncing around between emails, instant messages, Google Drive folders, in-person communication, and documentation, and so forth, it’s helpful to have central locations where teams can communicate and store information about projects, provide necessary training content, or ensure easy access to project standards. Pinnacle Work Groups is a perfect feature for this!

Keep contractors in the loop

In AEC organizations, it’s common to bring in outside consultants or contractors to participate in projects. You want to smoothly loop them into your sources of communication, without necessarily giving them access to the rest of the organization’s tools. In Pinnacle Series, it’s as simple as adding them as external users who can access project-specific Work Groups, without being able to log into the rest of the platform.

Provide consistent training

When your employees have received training from a variety of different sources in their past, their skill levels and way of working may vary, leading to miscommunications. By giving everyone access to the on-demand training content within Pinnacle Series, you can point all employees toward a consistent source of answers and workflows for accomplishing the various tasks and processes they’ll encounter during their day.

Share company best practices

Before CHA Consulting started using Pinnacle Series, they noticed a recurring issue.  Employees had to scour the firm’s intranet, internal network, and learning management system to track down policies, procedures, and standards. To save time and hassle, some users resorted to inconsistent peer advice or online searches, which led to standardization issues in their work.

The lack of a single, centralized information source can make work a lot more confusing for employees, especially newer ones who aren’t yet confident with your company’s best practices. As CHA did, you can use Pinnacle Series’ custom content capabilities to store all your internal documentation in one, easy-to-find location!

Offer accessibility options and translations

It’s critical to account for everyone’s different communication needs and preferences, especially if your company has multiple locations with hundreds of employees. Have offices distributed around the globe? Our AEC software training content in Pinnacle Series can be translated into more than 60 languages, plus captions for employees who may need them. Employees with a variety of learning styles? Pinnacle Series has them covered too, with resources for everyone.

Support remote workers

As we emerge from a global pandemic, remote work has become more widespread than ever. Now that conversations aren’t happening around the physical water cooler anymore, you want tools that let remote workers connect and do their jobs efficiently, wherever they may be. Pinnacle Series also lets users download content to view on multiple devices or even offline, so they don’t necessarily have to be locked to their desks to be productive. This also gives options to your on-the-ground professionals who might have to work during a commute or while at a job site.

Introduce new software effectively

When you introduce new software to your teams, it can cause friction in existing workflows as people adapt. That’s why it’s so important to communicate through every step of onboarding and provide resources to help it go smoothly.

Pinnacle Series lets you hit the ground running with out-of-the-box expert training content to teach employees the essential things they need to know about the new software. Scott Gallacher of Golder loved that Pinnacle Series provided the opportunity for his firm to grow and communicate the introduction of new solutions: “What I saw [with Pinnacle Series] was a platform that would be able to help us with the adoption of other technologies that Golder hadn’t actually started to use yet.”

If you’re already a Pinnacle Series customer, log in now to discover new ways that our e-learning platform can help improve communication at your AEC organization.

Excited to see firsthand how Pinnacle Series can improve internal communication and efficiency for your AEC organization? Schedule a demo or reach out for a free trial today!


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