How to Improve Your e-Learning Program

Once you’ve implemented an e-learning program at your AEC & M organization, you might dust off your hands and assume you’re done. Not quite so fast! 


It’s essential to monitor the program’s success and learn how to improve e-learning if you aren’t getting the results you expected. E-learning can be a ship that doesn’t always steer itself, but you can put things back on the right course with a little guidance. 


Let’s look at how to improve e-learning with these tips:

  1. Align strategically with the organization’s goals
  2. Plan an organized rollout
  3. Make sure the program is user-friendly
  4. Involve employees in the process
  5. Offer bite-sized on-demand learning
  6. Change platforms if one isn’t working


We’ll also share how our flagship e-learning platform, Pinnacle Series, can be the perfect solution for your AEC & M organization.


Align strategically with the organization’s goals

E-learning should be purposefully designed to meet your company’s needs and goals. What do you want your employees to learn, and how can they use their new knowledge and skills to help the company and grow with it? Are you hoping to be an AEC & M firm whose staff is always trained in the latest cutting-edge technology? Do you want everyone to have a solid grasp on the tried-and-true tech you already know and love? Do you want to upskill employees so you can promote internally? Your e-learning solution can enable all these things. 


When you choose Pinnacle Series, our Customer Success Managers can help you figure out your e-learning goals and how to use our learning resources to achieve them!


Plan an organized rollout

If you haven’t introduced your program yet or you implemented it without much fanfare, chances are people will be slow to adapt. When we’re helping clients roll out Pinnacle Series, we like to start by creating buzz and communicating the various changes and benefits well in advance. Then, onboard with some tutorials on how to use the program and get the most out of it. Check in about how everyone likes it and why late adopters might be hesitating. With the right mix of organization and communication, you’ll increase user adoption rates in no time.


Make sure the program is user-friendly

There’s a solid reason why UX/UI design is a whole career; good technology must be intuitive! Users shouldn’t be confused about how to log in and where to go. The content should be organized and easy to find (which is why we built a robust search engine into the Pinnacle Series platform!). We even let you customize the branding and appearance of Pinnacle Series so it will become another familiar-feeling internal tool.


Involve employees in the process

When your staff feels a sense of ownership and interest in e-learning and knowledge sharing, it will open so many doors to make it better. Our AEC & M experts don’t have to be the only ones creating content in Pinnacle Series! You can add all the custom internal content you need and give top employees a subject matter expert role so they can create training resources and serve as a mentor around their topic of expertise as well. 


Offer bite-sized on-demand learning

Overwhelming employees with information overload is a demonstrably poor way to train. People tend to learn best when information is in bite-sized chunks they can absorb quickly and use immediately. Pinnacle Series has tons of short-form training content for this very reason, plus long-form content for those times when they are focused and ready to take a deeper dive.


Change platforms if one isn’t working

Finally, sometimes you just can’t create a plan for how to improve e-learning if you’re stuck with the wrong system. Reflect on your company’s goals, get feedback from employees about the current system, and make your decision from there.


Are you thinking of moving your AEC & M firm to e-learning with Pinnacle Series? Let us share how to improve your e-learning program using our expert-developed training and knowledge management system! Schedule a demo or pilot today.


If you’re a current Pinnacle Series subscriber looking to make a change to your organization’s e-learning program, get in touch with your Customer Success Manager or our support team!



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