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  • Civil 3D Program Update
    • A new course that will be released by June 25 includes eight videos and focuses on a workflow to model driveway entrances along tangents and curves. This same workflow can also be applied to curb rams for pedestrian crossings. Included in this course is a custom Civil 3D assembly (PKT file) that can be added and reused by consumers.

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    • A new feature has been added which allows Work Group ‘Owners’ and users with ‘Work Groups Admin’ permissions to apply an expiration date to External Memberships on a user by user basis within a Work Group. This feature will expire and remove a license/seat that is attached to the External Membership based on the date applied. Functionality is available within the ‘Invite External Members’ menu and within existing External User accounts when ‘Edit Members’ is selected. ‘Expiration Date’ field must be populated, and the ‘Membership Expires’ checkbox must be toggled on for the expiration to occur on the noted date selection.

    • A new feature has been implemented that allows learning which has been shared to a Work Group to be assigned to External Members. External Users who have accepted their Work Group invitation will appear within the user selection table when assigning learning; External Members who have not accepted the Work Group invitation will not be included within the user table and will appear under the Work Group > Members tab denoted as ‘Pending.’

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