6 Key Features of Pinnacle Series That Set It Apart from Other Learning Management Systems

Learn how we stand out from the pack!

It can be a challenging task to find the perfect learning management system that caters to the unique needs of your organization. You might feel like you have to compromise and sacrifice some of the features you’d like, just to get your teams trained. 

But we think you should be able to have it all — and that’s exactly why we’ve built many key features of Pinnacle Series to set it apart from other platforms on the market and do so much more than provide training courses for design professionals.

Here are a few of the key features of Pinnacle Series that make it stand out:

  1. Personalized learning with KnowledgeSmart
  2. Custom interface
  3. Live event & external tracking capabilities
  4. Work Groups with external users
  5. Translations for 90+ languages
  6. Dedicated Customer Success team

Let’s learn more about how these features can help your architecture, engineering, construction, or manufacturing organization meet its training, productivity, and knowledge-sharing needs.

Personalized learning with KnowledgeSmart

There are two main ways that e-learning platforms traditionally handle users’ learning plans. It’s either a pre-set, one-size-fits-all progression of lectures, courses, and homework or a system where users can manually pick and choose (or be assigned) specific things to learn. 

However, neither of these options is really the most efficient way to organize learning. If everyone’s going through the same material, some users may be forced to learn information that’s irrelevant to their jobs or re-learn content they’re already familiar with. Relying on manual assignments can waste time in other ways, making employees or managers spend valuable time developing individual curricula for each user.

Those pitfalls are precisely why we came up with a third option: automated personalized learning through our built-in KnowledgeSmart assessment system. Users will be able to take assessments on the top AEC & M software they use in their job roles, and their results will automatically generate learning paths to fill their knowledge gaps while skipping training they don’t need. This approach ensures that users receive targeted and relevant training, maximizing their learning potential without adding more work to anyone’s plate.

Custom interface

We recognize that every company has its own unique brand identity, which may be at the core of building a cohesive work experience for your teams. Pinnacle Series empowers each organization to tailor our platform’s interface to align with its corporate branding and culture. With the ability to customize things like logos, color schemes, and other aspects of visual branding on Pinnacle Series, organizations can create a learning environment that reflects their identity and integrates seamlessly into employees’ existing workflows. That’s why customization is one of the key features of Pinnacle Series that sets it apart from others!

Live event & external tracking capabilities

Many organizations like to use a mix of e-learning and live training options like in-person office seminars, virtual webinars, guest expert lectures, etc. With features like our live event scheduling platform and external learning tracking, you can manage and track all of your team’s learning, right in one place.

Work Groups with external users

Collaboration lies at the core of effective learning and growth within an organization. Pinnacle Series recognizes this need and goes beyond basic e-learning to enable users to work together. Work Groups are areas within the system where users can collaborate on specific projects and even loop in external users like contractors who don’t have access to the rest of the Pinnacle Series platform. 

Learn more about Work Groups here!

Translations for 90+ languages

In today’s globalized world, catering to a diverse audience is crucial for any learning management system. Pinnacle Series is built for distributed teams of all shapes and sizes by providing translation support for more than 90 languages. That makes our training, in addition to any of your added custom content, accessible to learners worldwide. Multi-language support is one of the ways we ensure that our AEC & M training resources are inclusive for every user on the platform.

Dedicated Customer Success team

Beyond the impressive features of Pinnacle Series itself, how many learning management systems offer personal one-on-one support throughout the life of your subscription? We’ve built an excellent Customer Success team who are always ready to provide ongoing support, guidance, and assistance to ensure that our clients get the most out of the platform. 

Your dedicated Customer Success Manager and Implementation Specialist will work with you to understand your goals, brainstorm solutions, and listen to your feedback. (For example, if there’s custom content you’d like to create or an adoption challenge you’re having difficulty overcoming, just ask!)

These key features of Pinnacle Series, combined with our customer-centric focus, make us a top-tier choice for any AEC & M organization looking to improve their training, knowledge sharing, and productivity outcomes. 

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