What’s in a Pinnacle Series Work Group?

Here’s what you can add to your Work Group to make your project a success.

The Work Groups feature in Pinnacle Series is just one of the many ways our learning management solution stands out from the rest. If you’re new to the Pinnacle Series platform or haven’t used Work Groups before, you may be wondering how to best leverage this feature within your organization. 


With Work Groups, you can create teams or groups for specific projects and provide those users with training content, standards, personalized documents, and more, all in one centralized location. You can even invite external members, like contractors, into the group, so everyone is on the same page and has access to the same information. 


So you have your team assembled — now what? Here’s some of the content we recommend adding to your Pinnacle Series Work Group:


Recommended training content

One of the most impactful things about our Work Groups feature is its connection to Pinnacle Series’ vast libraries of learning resources. Is there a specific workflow or skill you want to make sure the members of your team are caught up on before work begins? You can share that Pinnacle Series content from the library right to your Work Group with the sharing feature!


Standards and best practices

Make sure the tasks your team is working on get done the right way by including your organization’s standards and best practices in your Work Group. If your standards are already housed in Pinnacle Series, you can navigate to them and share them directly with your Work Group. 


Don’t have standards within the system yet? Pinnacle Series allows you to easily upload your own documents so everyone in your group — especially any external members — understands your standards and best practices before the project begins. 


If you’re new to creating custom content in Pinnacle Series, check out this blog post for some pointers! And if you don’t have corporate standards documented, here’s why our team strongly encourages you to create some.


Project timelines

Your Work Group should serve as a one-stop-shop for everyone assigned to a specific task, whether that’s new employee onboarding or a project for a client. Help keep the team on track by creating a project timeline and adding it to your Work Group Assets! 


Team discussions

Work Groups include a Discussion tab where you can post questions or comments for the rest of the group to sound off on. This can keep everyone in the loop about changes or roadblocks or just make sure everyone is connected and communicating effectively. 


Need to reach a member of your group outside of Pinnacle Series? Head to the Members tab to see a list of all the Work Group members, along with their email addresses.


Current Pinnacle Series subscribers can log in now to view Work Groups and create one of their own, with the help of our Introducing Work Groups video.


Not a Pinnacle Series subscriber yet? Talk to our team today about a demo or a no-cost pilot program for your organization!


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