5 Ways to Master Custom Content Integration in our AEC Solution

Let’s explore the ways you can maximize the custom content capabilities in our AEC solution:

  1. Edit our pre-loaded content
  2. Store internal documentation
  3. Upload internal training videos and documents
  4. Add your own SCORM courses
  5. Appoint subject-matter experts

Let’s explore these Pinnacle Series AEC solution capabilities!

Edit our pre-loaded content

Our expert teams of engineers, architects, and construction professionals have worked to create enormous libraries of high-quality AEC training content for Pinnacle Series. But you don’t have to use it right “out of the box” — you can tailor it to fit the preferences, standards, best practices, and workflows at your organization. As a Pinnacle Series customer, you get complete editing control over the content we provide, from learning paths and courses to documents. If there’s anything you want to tweak in our training materials to fit your operations better, you’re more than welcome to!

Store internal documentation

If you currently have internal documentation scattered across multiple systems, Pinnacle Series can help collect it all in one easy place. Upload a PDF version of the employee handbook, create Work Groups to store team-, client-, and project-specific information, have team leaders write best practices or documents to share, keep Excel data files in one place — how you utilize the unlimited cloud storage in our AEC solution is entirely up to you! Some of the file formats Pinnacle Series supports include PDF, DOC, XLS, and HTML.

Upload internal training videos and documents

Many companies already have a collection of training videos or documents they share when new employees join the company or get onboarded to a new team. Go ahead and add those to Pinnacle Series too! Administrators can assign content and due dates, making it easy to track user progress even in larger companies with multiple locations. We also support uploads of PowerPoint files, so you can easily assign them or access them to show during meetings.

Add your own SCORM courses

Creating SCORM courses is a great way to make sure your learning resources are readable across any SCORM-compliant LMS, so you don’t have to recreate all your material when you become a Pinnacle Series customer. Pinnacle Series supports SCORM files, so if you already have courses in that format, you can still use them as-is.

Appoint subject-matter experts

We created subject-matter expert roles within our AEC solution to make delegation and knowledge sharing across your organization easy. When you designate an employee as an internal expert for a specific content topic, you give them the ability to add and approve new custom content within that category. For instance, if everyone knows to go to a particular employee for their AutoCAD questions, they might make the perfect AutoCAD internal expert!

See this article for more ideas on how to customize Pinnacle Series, including features beyond custom content, like visual branding and personalized learning! If you’re a current Pinnacle Series customer, you can get started customizing our AEC solution by logging in now!

If you’re not a Pinnacle Series customer yet, schedule a demo today to experience it for yourself and learn how our AEC solution can improve e-learning and knowledge management at your organization.


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