How to Manage AEC Training Across Multiple Locations

Here are some ways you can utilize Pinnacle Series, our flagship AEC e-learning solution, to manage training across multiple locations:

  1. Provide equal resources to everyone
  2. Easily personalize learning
  3. Standardize company policies & best practices
  4. Coordinate new software rollouts
  5. Train employees anytime, anywhere

Learn more about how a great AEC e-learning solution can help you manage training across multiple locations more successfully!

Provide equal resources to everyone

Whether you have offices distributed around the globe, in other states, or even just across town, it can be challenging to ensure that everyone is getting equal learning opportunities. With an AEC e-learning solution, providing consistent training to each employee is as easy as setting up their user account. 

An e-learning solution is beneficial for you and them: they get resources to grow in their careers, while you ensure that all your team members are upskilling and learning from a high-quality, consistent source. 

For Associated Engineering, a Canadian engineering firm with over 1,000 employees across 21 locations, this was an important consideration. Before they implemented Pinnacle Series, they struggled with siloed learning where employees at each location used different resources, resulting in varied skillsets and inconsistent results.

In the words of Associated Engineering’s Technical Services Production Manager, Bill Moore, “If we hadn’t gone with Pinnacle, I think we would’ve been faced with a significant investment in effort and development requirements to achieve what we were able to achieve quickly through the Pinnacle platform.”

Easily personalize learning

Although the same resources are available to everyone in Pinnacle Series, that doesn’t mean everyone should learn the same way. Your employees have different strengths, weaknesses, and experience levels, so they need an AEC e-learning system that can adapt to them. Without personalized assignments, you’ll have some people learning things they don’t need for their jobs and others re-learning skills they already know.

But with a large number of employees and locations in the mix, it’s quite a task to manage each person’s training manually. That’s why we’ve built features into Pinnacle Series to do it for you! Our KnowledgeSmart integration allows employees to take assessments on their AEC software skills, then receive custom learning plans to fill their skill gaps.

As one employee for Mazzetti put it, “We really understood the need to have targeted training and that we weren’t reinventing the wheel all the time. We really didn’t understand the best way to apply that until we had started looking at Pinnacle Series.”

Standardize company policies & best practices

Another snag for many multi-location companies is making sure policies, procedures, and best practices are standardized across offices. When you use Pinnacle Series, it’s easy, thanks to our custom content tools. Upload all your internal documentation and training to turn Pinnacle into your one-stop-shop for knowledge across locations!

CHA Consulting faced this very challenge. Employees experienced difficulties tracking down policies, procedures, and standards across multiple locations, including the firm’s intranet, internal network, and learning management system. Pinnacle Series allowed them to consolidate all that information for easier access.

Coordinate new software rollouts

Adding new software into the mix? Instead of flying employees from around the country to spend time training in the same physical location, subscribe to the corresponding software training library in Pinnacle Series! You can explore our content libraries here.

Scott Gallacher, Digital Engineering Manager for global company Golder, loved the opportunity Pinnacle offered to accelerate technology adoption: “What I saw was a platform that would be able to help us with the adoption of technologies that Golder hadn’t actually started to use yet.”

Train employees anytime, anywhere

Beyond having distributed office locations, many organizations these days have individual employees scattered throughout the world as well. Some will be at job sites, some working from home, some in the office, some traveling. Pinnacle Series lets users access training content wherever they have internet access and even download resources to their devices to take with them on the go. Training across multiple locations has never been easier!

If you’re a current Pinnacle Series customer, log in now to check out the learning resources your teams have access to, no matter where they’re located.

Want to see our AEC e-learning solution for yourself and learn how it can maximize your company’s efficiency across all your offices? Reach out to schedule a demo or free trial of Pinnacle Series today! 


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