6 Ways AEC & M Firms Can Improve Client Relationships

No matter how great your organization’s customers are, it never hurts to learn more about how to strengthen relationships with your clients! Improving client relationships helps projects go more smoothly, reinforces your company’s reputation, and ultimately keeps everyone happy at each firm. Win-win!


When it comes to how to strengthen relationships with your clients, there are a few strategies you can employ:

  1. Focus on what their decision-makers prioritize
  2. Diversify your services
  3. Improve and streamline communication
  4. Find ways to reduce errors
  5. Complete projects efficiently
  6. Show your appreciation


Let’s look deeper into improving client relationships with these tips!


Focus on what their decision-makers prioritize

Each of your clients has unique needs, goals, and priorities. Understanding what these are is your first step in being able to serve them in the best possible way. Make sure you’re connecting with the owners and top-level decision-makers at your clients’ firms to have these conversations. Check in from time to time about how well you’re meeting their needs and whether their priorities have shifted.


Diversify your services

If a client can hire one company to do multiple different things, it helps them consolidate their operations (and helps you stand out, too!). Maybe you’re training your staff to use the latest cutting-edge software that other firms don’t offer, or you’re expanding to provide more multidiscipline services. Or maybe you’re just always willing to listen to what a client wants and reply, “Let’s see if we can make that happen.” 


Whatever the case, if you’re looking to upskill your teams, Pinnacle Series is where to go for expert AEC & M e-learning! We have thousands of training assets covering dozens of skills and software programs your employees need to know to be competitive and impress clients.


Improve and streamline communication

Any time multiple parties are involved in a project, communication is a top priority. Be as transparent as possible and make sure the client always feels like their input is heard and valued. Let them take the lead on how much or little they want to be involved in the day-to-day, but check in and send progress updates regularly at whatever frequency feels comfortable to you both. 


You can also use Pinnacle Series to give clients an inside look at how projects are going. Project collaborators can create Work Groups to store information and collaborate together. Just add clients as external users to let them inside the Work Group for their project!


Find ways to reduce errors

What’s a surefire way to keep your clients happy and earn their trust? Delivering error-free projects! A mistake, miscommunication, or delay from time to time isn’t anything unusual, but if they happen frequently, a client may start to get antsy. Show them you’re committed to constantly improving and innovating. With Pinnacle Series’ handy on-demand search features and related learning plugin for Autodesk products, your employees can find the information they need to solve problems anytime, anywhere.


Complete projects efficiently

You never want to sacrifice quality for speed, but working efficiently lets you maximize both. If you’re consistently delivering work on time or even ahead of schedule, your clients will notice and appreciate it. So, what’s the key to an efficient workforce and quality projects? You guessed it: providing the training they need to work smarter. Learn more about how to improve workplace efficiency with Pinnacle Series.


Show your appreciation

Finally, your clients enjoy feeling appreciated just as much as you do. Improving client relationships can be as simple as sending a gift basket at Christmas, making a donation to a cause they champion, offering a freebie, and just letting them know how much their business means to your organization. Ultimately, do your best to show (through words and actions) that you’re glad to be working together.


Interested in learning how to strengthen relationships with your clients using Pinnacle Series? Contact the Eagle Point Software team to Schedule a demo or pilot


If you’re already a Pinnacle Series subscriber, log in now to take advantage of tools like our related learning plugin and search function that can help increase efficiency and client satisfaction.





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