3 Ways Pinnacle Series Can Enhance Your Autodesk Software Training in 2023

Get the most value out of your software investments with the right learning solution.

If one of your New Year’s resolutions or business goals for 2023 is to maximize your Autodesk software training program, you’re in the right place! With new technology releases, constant updates to software and hardware, and new design challenges at every turn, it’s essential to not just have the latest and greatest software, but train your team on how to use it effectively and efficiently. 


Using all this technology (and getting the most out of it) is not as simple as downloading the latest version. Your architecture, engineering, construction, or manufacturing organization needs a robust training program to help your team move at the fastest pace possible while also creating as few errors as they can. 


That’s where your new — or improved — e-learning-based Autodesk software training program comes in handy. Here are three ways that our Pinnacle Series e-learning platform can help you maximize your training in 2023.


Training designed for learning retention

If you’re a regular visitor to the Eagle Point blog, you’ll know learning and retention are hot topics! Retention is crucial — it’s one thing to teach, but it’s another thing entirely for your team to retain that information and use it day-to-day, especially if they’ve been used to using software differently for a while. 


Pinnacle Series is set up to maximize the retention of new material. When your team or employees access any of the Autodesk software training (be that a document or video), the items are broken up into bite-sized chunks. That way, your team can learn in small increments, which is proven to maximize retention. 


Up-to-date expert training and live events

Our internal team of experts is constantly releasing new updates, documents, videos, workflows, and more to keep current with the latest and greatest Autodesk software releases. You won’t have to worry about out-of-date training here! Pinnacle Series is also organized by software year, so searching for the correct training is simple and quick. Your Autodesk software training will be complete with our experts’ help!


We also have weekly live events where our experts will walk you through a specific topic or skills and be available to answer any questions that may arise. These are great continuing education courses for your team to watch!


Create custom Autodesk software training

Another way you can strengthen your team’s training and maximize their efficiency is to upload your own custom content to Pinnacle Series, or even modify our existing resources with information specific to your organization. When Pinnacle Series becomes your “single source of truth,” your team will save time finding answers without pulling other members of your team out of production.


A great idea is to upload a frequently asked questions list, a page on company design standards, and, if you want to motivate your employees to participate in training, perhaps even a document highlighting team training milestones and progress! Keeping this custom content in one easy-to-find place increases the chances of your team finding it, and actually using it!


These are just three ways Pinnacle Series can help you improve your Autodesk software training program in 2023. If you’re looking for more resources, check out how to improve your e-learning program or the blog here!


If you’re not a Pinnacle Series subscriber yet, contact our team today for a free demo, or to discuss any questions you have about our industry-leading e-learning platform.



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