5 Ways to Maximize User Adoption of New Technologies

With that in mind, let’s dive into the following ways to maximize user adoption of a new e-learning system (or any technology):

  1. Choose options that meet their needs
  2. Communicate the value and benefits before rollout
  3. Make it intuitive for them to use
  4. Listen to employee feedback
  5. Choose a solution that offers continuous support

Learn more about these tips below! 

Choose options that meet their needs

When you’re weighing one technical solution vs. another, your very first step should be to clarify what users’ needs are, what problems you’re trying to solve, and what goals you’d like to meet. Think about the challenges that face every level of your firm: the organization as a whole, the teams within it, and your individual employees. 

For example, if you’re searching for an e-learning system, your specific issues may include:

  • Employees don’t retain information from one-time training events, so your firm needs a better way that doesn’t waste time, effort, and money.
  • Individuals struggle to find quick, high-quality solutions on the job, so they search for answers online or ask coworkers, which can be hit or miss and take up valuable time.
  • It’s difficult to personalize your training to every individual’s needs, so some employees find themselves re-learning content they know, while others feel confused and left behind.

Once you’ve identified those needs or issues, you’ll be able to back up your choice with the knowledge that the solution you pick will directly address the challenges facing your team. (By the way, the issues listed above are just a few of the problems that Pinnacle Series solves!)

Communicate the value and benefits before rollout

With any new technology, you don’t want to blindside your teams and throw them in the deep end all at once. Take the time to introduce the product and build some excitement first! Make a plan to disseminate information about the new technology and show the value and benefits it delivers. Be ready to answer your team’s questions so they not only feel more involved in rollout, but they feel better prepared to start using the new solution.

Make it intuitive for them to use

If employees log into a new platform and are instantly confused by the interface or don’t know what they’re supposed to do, that can create barriers to them using the solution effectively. You can overcome those barriers by choosing user-friendly software that your team can further customize to fit your employees’ needs and make it feel like a seamless part of their workflows. 

It’s also essential to provide training, like the comprehensive resources available in Pinnacle Series, as soon as you introduce your new technology. This way, employees can find answers to their questions as they get started, saving time and increasing the likelihood that they’ll continue using and mastering the new program.

Listen to employee feedback

As employees get used to the new technology, they’ll likely have thoughts on the implementation process and using the software. What problems are they having? What are they enjoying? What features would they like to see? Collect all of this feedback to let employees know that you hear them and use it to improve the implementation and user adoption process. 

Choose a solution that offers continuous support

When you’re implementing new technology, there will likely be a learning curve for everyone in your organization, even your in-house experts. That’s why it’s essential to look for a solution that will provide support beyond your initial purchase and suggest ways to maximize user adoption of your new technology.

With our Pinnacle Series e-learning system, we don’t leave you on your own through the implementation process. Our dedicated Customer Success Managers are with you every step of the way to help you set and achieve goals, provide training for your initial users, answer questions, and make sure everything is going according to plan. And this support doesn’t end after the initial rollout – we’re with you for the entire lifespan of your Pinnacle Series subscription.

Curious to learn how Pinnacle Series can help train your employees and drive adoption and understanding of new AEC software programs? If you’re not already a Pinnacle Series customer, schedule a demo or pilot program today!


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