When Efficiency Matters
When Efficiency Matters

MicroStation Software Training

with Pinnacle Series

MicroStation is a popular CAD (computer-aided design) software among architects and engineers that allows users to intuitively visualize, model, and document 2D and 3D projects of varying degrees of complexity. The software offers a comprehensive solution that enables easy and smooth collaboration between teams, saves valuable time by eliminating the busywork of drawing and redrawing workflows, and allows teams and companies to level up their efficiency.

Find MicroStation software training online with Eagle Point’s Pinnacle Series.

Learn MicroStation with Pinnacle Series

As the top source for AEC and manufacturing software training online, Eagle Point’s Pinnacle Series is the ideal solution for your team to learn MicroStation. Pinnacle Series’ MicroStation training content includes:

  • A wide array of MicroStation software training videos
  • A learning path with multiple courses guiding users through MicroStation fundamentals

Plus, our team is continuously updating and adding new content as needed. If you don’t see a video or course teaching something your team needs, all you have to do is ask us—it might be on our roadmap for future content!

Check out our blog for more Microstation content on the following topics:

Why Choose Pinnacle Series

Wide Breadth and Depth of Content

Among the wide variety of learning platforms on the market, Pinnacle Series is unique in that it was designed specifically for the AEC and manufacturing industries. Our content is crafted by industry-seasoned architects and engineers who have learned MicroStation and used it professionally themselves. In addition to MicroStation training, our content library features dozens of other software products within the AEC space, from AutoCAD to BIM 360 and more. Subscribe to one or all software training asset libraries, depending on your firm’s needs.

Customizable Interface and Smart Learning Platform

You’re not just limited to using our training on the Pinnacle platform: our full-featured system lets you upload your own training content, schedule live events for your employees, and house all internal knowledge in one place.

Dedicated Customer Success Manager

If employees have any questions about MicroStation software training, we offer live support within the Pinnacle platform, saving valuable time in your company’s workflows. Plus, dedicated Customer Success Managers work with all of Pinnacle’s mid-market and enterprise accounts to ensure that Pinnacle Series isn’t just installed, but truly understood and used by staff.

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