4 Benefits of Using e-Learning for BIM Training

Learn how e-learning can transform the way you provide BIM training to your team.

For today’s architecture, engineering, and construction firms, having a team that’s up to speed on the latest BIM skills is essential for success. One key way of doing that is to create or improve your BIM training program — by doing this, your organization can enjoy:


  1. Increased training efficiency and usage
  2. Insights and metrics on completed learning
  3. Lower cost and time input
  4. Convenient storage of custom content


Keep reading to find out a few different ways an e-learning system can help you meet your BIM training goals!


Increased training efficiency and usage


When you use an e-learning platform like Pinnacle Series for your BIM training program, you’ll be able to break down training into small, manageable bits for your team. This increases the usage you’ll see as your team won’t need to set aside hours for long training seminars.


The e-learning platform can also improve efficiency as its related learning plugin for Autodesk products works within the software itself to recommend small, helpful tips while the user is working on a project. This saves time and can, in turn, increase user adoption.


Insights and metrics on completed learning


Using an e-learning platform can be helpful as it groups all of the training in one place. No more having employees track their training hours manually, using multiple different online training accounts, or trying to determine who has completed training set by management. With an e-learning platform, you’ll be able to keep all your training in one place and have access to see who has completed the required courses and who on your team has more learning paths to complete.


Lower cost and time input


With an e-learning platform, your team will be able to complete their BIM training on their schedule, and, more importantly, you won’t need to spend time creating your own training materials (unless you want to!), scheduling or paying for long training seminars, or hiring external resources to create content for your organization. 


With an e-learning platform like Pinnacle Series, you’ll have access to expert-created BIM training content, like BIM 360, BIM management, Revit, and Global BIM Standards courses, so your team’s training can start from day one.


Convenient storage of custom content


An e-learning system can hold all of your custom training content in one place, which can increase your team’s efficiency – no more digging around shared folders or trying to find missing files! You can create and upload your own custom files including videos, documents, and workflows to round out your personalized BIM training program.


If you’re looking for more information on how an e-learning platform can help your organization, check out this blog on our additional resources for BIM managers or get in contact with our team today!



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