4 Resources for BIM Managers

The BIM manager role at a firm is a demanding yet incredibly valuable one! After decades in the architecture, engineering, and construction industries, our team at Eagle Point Software is invested in doing what we can to make your job easier.


In this post, we’re going to round up some of our top resources for BIM managers to help you leverage everything we offer in the Pinnacle Series ecosystem.


That includes:

  1. Our BIM software libraries
  2. Dedicated CSMs
  3. Webinar sessions
  4. The Eagle Point blog


Learn more about everything (with links to the resources) below!


Our BIM software libraries


The core of Pinnacle Series is, of course, our incredible collection of AEC software training resources. That includes a large cohort of the BIM software your team uses each and every day! 


Check out info about our software training libraries for these top BIM programs:


We also offer BIM management software training and project management training using BIM Track.


No matter what software training your managers and teams need from our e-learning library, you’ll be getting it from experts who have spent decades in the field themselves. Learn more about Pinnacle Series and its features here!


Dedicated CSMs


When your organization joins Pinnacle Series, you don’t just get our platform and content — you get the Eagle Point team by your side! Every midsize- to enterprise-level AEC organization gets a dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM) who will answer your questions, facilitate implementation, brainstorm how best to leverage Pinnacle for your needs, and essentially act as the liaison between your team and ours!


Webinar sessions


Because we’re dedicated to ongoing learning and collaboration with others in the industry, Eagle Point also has webinars and live events to help further our subscribers’ learning even more!


One particular standout is The Powerful Toolkit of Savvy BIM Managers, which goes over some of the best tools BIM managers can leverage to supercharge their team’s productivity. Eagle Point’s expert is joined by solution providers at Ideate and Enscape for this recorded webinar. Find more of our past webinar recordings here


If you’re a current Pinnacle Series subscriber, we also encourage you to stay tuned to the platform or our monthly newsletters for our lineup of live software learning events.


The Eagle Point blog


Finally, be sure to read the Eagle Point blog for AEC content and insights! One recent post you may find valuable is How Pinnacle Series Benefits BIM Managers. In the post, our Business Development Manager Steve Link shares six benefits BIM managers can leverage with the help of Pinnacle Series software.


Whether you want to improve communication among your team, streamline day-to-day workflows with the help of built-in process blueprints, or automate your training process, we can help. 


Here are some other recent blog posts that might pique your interest:


Are you a BIM manager interested in moving your organization to Pinnacle Series? Get in touch with our team to set up a demo or free trial today! 


If you’re already a Pinnacle Series subscriber, log in now to take advantage of our valuable resources for BIM managers!



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