5 Organization Best Practices for AEC & M Firms

Celebrate Get Organized Month with these tips from the Eagle Point Team.

Your team’s organizational habits impact every aspect of your business, from client communications to the work your teams produce. And when things get unorganized, it can have a domino effect leading to project work mistakes, frustrated employees, and unhappy clients.


January is Get Organized Month, so in honor of that, we’re sharing some of our top organization best practices for professionals in the architecture, engineering, construction, and manufacturing industries.


The organization best practices you should implement with your AEC & M teams include:


  1. Establish project milestones
  2. Store important information where it’s easy to find
  3. Audit your technology investments
  4. Optimize your space for efficiency
  5. Create project home bases


Keep reading to learn more about how you can celebrate Get Organized Month and help your team improve its organizational habits!


Establish project milestones

Large projects can get overwhelming, fast. Help your team understand what they need to do and when by breaking projects into individual goals or milestones. This practice can help keep everyone on track and allows you to give clients clear updates about project progress.


Store important information where it’s easy to find

If the workflows, standards, best practices, and corporate information your employees need aren’t easy to find, chances are they won’t use them as often.


Cut down on the need for employees to search through emails, shared drives, intranets, and printed documents to find what they need with a knowledge-sharing platform like Pinnacle Series. Keeping your organization’s most important knowledge right at employees’ fingertips with a robust search function will help them find what they need and get back to work.


Audit your technology investments

Having technology that employees don’t use to its fullest potential — or understand how to use at all — is a surefire way to waste money and bog down the work day. Audit your current tech investments to see what may be underutilized and which programs you can provide training on, so your teams know how to use them in an efficient way.


Optimize your space for efficiency

Celebrate Get Organized Month by cleaning up your workspace! Whether your teams are working in the office or from home, having a workspace designed for efficiency is key to staying organized and productive. This can include investing in organization-focused furniture like file drawers or desk organizers, getting rid of any unnecessary clutter, and re-organizing any company files and archives.


Create project home bases

An organized project team is a successful project team. Create a Cloud-based workspace to serve as the home base for your teams with all of the documents, workflows, and crucial information they need for their current project. The Work Groups feature in Pinnacle Series gives you the power to do just that, and even include outside contractors, so everyone stays organized and on the same page!


Get Organized Month is just the start! For more tips on keeping your AEC & M teams organized and working efficiently, check out our blog posts on collaboration tips for remote teams, creating internal standards and best practices, and improving workplace efficiency.


To learn more about our Pinnacle Series e-learning and knowledge-sharing platform and how it can help your firm improve organization and project management, contact our team today for a demo or to discuss a pilot!



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