How to Improve Efficiency at Your Multidiscipline Organization

Here are some tips for improving your organization’s efficiency and how our multidiscipline e-learning system Pinnacle Series can help!

  1. Equip your staff with the right software
  2. Use the same training for everyone
  3. Enable simple collaboration
  4. Be clear about everyone’s roles
  5. Have a system for quick answers
  6. Share company best practices

Let’s explore these multidiscipline efficiency strategies.

Equip your staff with the right software

Efficiency starts with giving your teams the right tools for the job. There are so many kinds of software that enable AEC and manufacturing teams to create beautiful, streamlined projects for their clients. Here are five must-have software programs for architects, engineers, contractors, and other professionals at multidiscipline companies, including building information modeling software, project management and document collaboration software, and others. 

Use the same training for everyone

When your organization has a lot of employees with different areas of expertise, you know they’re all coming to you with different educational and work backgrounds. To make sure they can all work together with the right information, you need a consistent source of training that everyone can turn to when they need to learn how to use certain software or complete a specific process. 

Pinnacle Series is a multidiscipline e-learning system with dozens of training resources for the AEC and manufacturing industry. It was built by professionals, for professionals, so you can be confident you’re always getting up-to-date info and effective role-based learning resources. Pinnacle also has built-in assessment tools that allow employees to test out of subjects they already know!

Enable simple collaboration

Especially in an age where many employees work from home or from distributed offices, it’s critical to give them ways to collaborate on their projects easily. Pinnacle Series is more than just an e-learning platform; it’s a full-featured knowledge management and collaboration software, including tools that let employees and outside contractors share project information and interact.

Be clear about everyone’s roles

At a multidiscipline organization with a lot of moving parts, it’s imperative to make sure that everyone knows what they’re supposed to be working on. Time and effort are lost when multiple people have to troubleshoot the same problems or tread the same ground. Pinnacle Series has tools that allow organizations to capture knowledge and share it with one another. Designate top performers as subject-matter experts on the platform so they can oversee the creation of new content in their topic of expertise.

Have a system for quick answers

Efficiency depends on employees being able to focus on their work with minimal interruption or confusion. In practice, that means that when they run into a roadblock or have questions, they’re able to find answers quickly and easily so they can move on with the task at hand. Pinnacle Series makes this possible with a robust search engine to guide users to quick tutorial videos and documents, as well as an Autodesk plugin that recommends relevant training right from the software’s interface.

Share company best practices

No multidiscipline company works exactly the same way, so in addition to general software training, you want to make sure to clearly outline your organization’s best practices. That’s why Pinnacle Series gives you full control of the content inside our multidiscipline e-learning system. Upload your own documents, videos, and courses, or edit any of ours, to make sure your employees are learning information that’s consistent with the way you work.

If you’re a current Pinnacle Series customer, log in now to explore how these features can help improve efficiency at your multidiscipline organization.

Not a customer yet, but want to see for yourself how Pinnacle Series, our flagship multidiscipline e-learning system at Eagle Point, can transform your organizational efficiency? Schedule a demo or pilot with our team today! 


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