Learn AutoCAD Online: 5 Ways to Improve Your Team’s Training

Keep your team up to date with robust online AutoCAD training.

Training is an essential part of any productive architecture, engineering, construction, or manufacturing organization. It helps build internal talent reduces rework and costly errors, and also keeps your employees engaged in their work.


But it can be difficult to find time to add in-person training to your team’s already busy days — that’s why it makes sense to learn AutoCAD online. It allows your employees to move at their own pace and complete modules relevant to them, limits the number of long seminars where most new information is not retained, and is easier to fit a few minutes of training into your day.


Pinnacle Series makes it a breeze to pick up new courses, find answers to questions, and enable your employees to learn AutoCAD online easily and efficiently. By following these four simple tips, you’ll be helping improve your team’s AutoCAD training in no time:


  1. Assess their skills
  2. Create a rewards program or “gamify” training
  3. Carve out training time for your team
  4. Check in to see how they’re doing
  5. Attend live events



Keep reading to learn more about these ways to learn AutoCAD online with Pinnacle Series!



Assess their skills


Gauging where your team’s AutoCAD skills are before assigning training is a great way to save time and make learning as efficient as possible. Pinnacle Series integrates with KnowledgeSmart assessments, which allow your team to test their skills and receive a personalized training course within our e-learning platform that helps target the areas where they need improvement.


Create a rewards program or “gamify” training


It’s much easier to work towards a goal when the goal is clearly set in front of you! A great way to help your team learn AutoCAD online (especially if they’re remote or hybrid) is to set virtual goals. It can be great fun and a team bonding experience to compete within your organization for who can complete the most training, the fastest completed workflow, or watch the most videos. Prizes are also a great way to keep your team motivated to learn AutoCAD online.


Carve out training time for your team


This might be the most important part of helping your team learn AutoCAD online: you will have to help them carve out time in their busy days to train. Without placing an emphasis on the importance of training, it’s likely that your team will push it aside for other tasks. Pinnacle Series enables users to find on-demand AutoCAD answers and learning resources that will help them upskill efficiently and get back to the billable work that matters most.


Check in to see how they’re doing


It’s key that you check in with employees regularly to view their progress, see if anyone is struggling with training, and overall get a feel for how your team thinks the online AutoCAD training is working for them. Checking in also reinforces the importance of continued training and support while your team starts to learn AutoCAD online. Our KnowledgeSmart assessments integrate with Pinnacle Series to make tracking employees’ training progress, gauging their skills, and assigning personalized learning a breeze.


Attend live events


Live events are a great way to boost your AutoCAD training plan. Our internal experts pull together the newest ways to learn AutoCAD online, execute certain processes, and master the use of this essential AEC & M program.


These live events happen most Wednesdays during the year, and can be a great way pick up new skills, ask questions, and talk with our industry experts about new ways to learn to use AutoCAD for your team.



If you’re looking for more information on how an e-learning platform can help your organization learn AutoCAD online, check out our blogs or get in contact with our team today!


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